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  1. Don't take any notice of ideafarm hes a known trouble maker and agitator here , and not respected by anyone.
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    Noone speaks for Everyone. I am a known trouble maker and an agitator, both here and on the streets; that's true enough. But isn't that what working for justice and social change is all about?

  3. GTFO
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    We're not supposed to converse here because this thread is supposed to be friendly and welcoming to people new to WWP, and the reality is that WWP has trolls who seek and attempt to destroy any constructive conversation. I've engaged this fuck here briefly to demonstrate that fact. The main thing to note is that these turds rarely have the balls to post as members. If you are here because you care about the mess that selfish people (like the turds that float around here) have made of your world, and you want to do something about it, speaking your mind here in the WWP fora and standing your ground when they disrespect you is a good place to start.
  5. [IMG]
    [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.54902)][IMG]

    [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.85098)][COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.54902)]Scott Ogle[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.54902)]Human Rights Activist[/COLOR]

    Ogle's Proposed U.N. IHRC $10k Bounty Religious Cult Human Rights Violations Illuminated Billboard - Guadalajara, Mexico

    [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.54902)]Nov 20, 2015
    [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]
    [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.85098)]“This gesture you will like, because it is aimed at all of humanity. A civilian can afford to do what no diplomat would dare".[IMG][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.85098)]Einstein snapped in his famous poking tongue photo the original print signed by the renowned scientist sold at auction for more than $74,000.
    In 1953, in the midst of Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s anti-communist crusade, Einstein had given the print to outspoken journalist Howard K. Smith, with the inscription (translated from German):
    “This gesture you will like, because it is aimed at all of humanity. A civilian can afford to do what no diplomat would dare".
    Italy's highest court of appeal affirmed the illegality of insulting someone by sticking your tongue out at them.
    The case brought before the Cassation Court involved a farmer whose tongue gesture was captured by a cellphone camera held by the neighbor with whom he was arguing.
    The farmer, Carlo O., had been convicted by a justice of the peace of insulting the neighbor, the Italian news agency ANSA reported.
    The Cassation Court let stand the conviction and ordered Carlo O. to pay his neighbor's court costs of $1,863.81. He will also have to pay damages, which will be set in a different trial, the news agency said .

    To: ANNETTE <>
    Subject: Aggressive Church Minister in Houston [ServeManager] Job #11013 Update

    [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.85098)]Attempted Serve[/COLOR]

    DAVID shared a service notification with you: Did you know Benjamin lives in Seattle, Ogle? Tell Amy she's fired. "Donald Trump" her before she gets you in trouble. Her uncle's position at DHS should be enough for you to have concern if law enforcement "doesn't like company" in their decades old "investigations". They're not your friend, and never will be. In fact. they will attempt ways to discredit you themselves until the light shines on them too. After that, they may regret ever fucking with you. Too much graft and corruption enjoyed to change the system. Even if you deserve respect, you won't get it from those who fight change including the church and law enforcement.
    Coupled with political influence LLDM enjoys in Mexico, you're playing with fire. Broadcasting is lighting yourself on fire. Good luck. Did you ever get permission from Guadalupe County to at least use "Gruff, the Crime Dog" in your broadcasts? What did they say? You can always use "Ruff, the Crime Dog".
    [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.85098)]Details[/COLOR]

    Process Server: NESTOR LAM SCH# 11013
    Date & Time: Jun 5, 2015, 6:43 pm CDT
    Service Type: Unsuccessful Attempt
    Description of Service: Annette, I spoke to an older gentleman opening the church gate at 5:45 Pm. I asked him if he knew when Pastor Benjamin Joaquin arrived for service. The gentleman who identified himself as Javier Garcia 5'7", in his 60's, gray hair, black eyes wearing glasses and a hat, stated that at the moment there is no pastor at the church but there is someone who is in charge of the services and goes by the name Rogelio Rios. Mr.. Javier then went and spoke to another Hispanic male in his 40'S, Black hair, dark brown eyes, about 165 Lbs. who approached my vehicle and asked me if he can help me, I asked him for Pastor Benjamin Joaquin. He stated that he does not know a "Benjamin Joaquin" and that the church never had a pastor by that name.
    I asked him are you sure? This gentleman out of no where got upset and aggressive and asked me in a defiant manner if I thought he was hiding Benjamin Joaquin. I assured Raul that I had not implied that and then I asked him if he knew the current Pastor's name he replied "I cannot tell you that", then he asked me for my business card which I gave to him. I asked for his name; he reluctantly replied "Raul Gomez". This gentleman was aggressive and it was clear to me that I was not welcome there anymore and I felt at this point that my safety was compromised.
    All of this dialogue was in Spanish
    [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.85098)]Service Address[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.85098)]Job & Case[/COLOR]

    Job: 11013
    Case: C-1-CV-14-011792
    Plaintiff: SCOTT OGLE
    [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.85098)]Shared with you by:[/COLOR]

    From: Scott Ogle <>To:dhamrick@utpress.utexas.eduSubject: Iglesia La Luz Del Mundo / Light of the World Church Criminal Activities Date: Nov 29, 2015 12:45 PM
    I would like to help write a book about the reluctance of law enforcement to enforce religious criminal enterprises that flaunt their "Constitutional Freedoms of Religion" claiming they "have conquered America". Yeah, we'll see 'bout that.
    Local and State law enforcement is often "trumped" by Federal investigations leaving to the IRS Enforcement Division, DHS and FBI sole discretion regarding how and when to enforce tax code violations, not to mention harder human rights violations, the enforcement of which has nothing to do with "regulating religion" Church ministers using their title to benefit selling fraudulent immigration documentation to members, breaking laws that would put any other ordinary person in jail needs to be enforced immediately before further generations of innocent youth lay victim to wolves dressed in sheep clothing calling themselves "Men of God".
    Would you consider assigning a ghost writer to document our efforts? Someone else can get the credit.
    From: Maeli Arellano <> Add to Address BookTo:soglelaw@peoplepc.comSubject: RE: RebecahDate: Mar 9, 2012 9:08 AM

    Don't make the mistake that I care about your issues...period. I don't want to be a part of it. I left that place long ago for that reason among others. I'm over it. Leave me out of it.I'm trying to sweep other things under the rug, not the church issues. Just leave my name out of it, you don't need it anyway. I seriously will get legal help if I do. I'm already talking to a cop about you and this issue. Just leave me alone, okay. I don't need the drama. Good luck in it though, they do deserve to be exposed, and by somebody with a voice like you, so really, good luck. GTG, bye.

    --- On Thu, 3/8/12,<> wrote:

    From: <>
    Subject: RE: Rebecah
    Date: Thursday, March 8, 2012, 9:04 PM

    This isn't about you btw. You're just a footnote. Please don't make the mistake that you even matter when it comes to my issues with Kapsner Chiro and Becky. Your church and all who support it will rot in hell. To expose those involved in raping children in that sick culture is worth broadcasting. Too bad you want to sweep it under the rug. That shows your sick priorities. You only think about yourself. Self-centered lemming.

    ---- Original Message ----
    From: "Maeli Arellano" <>
    Reply-To: "Maeli Arellano" <>
    Date: 03/08/12 1:56 PM
    To: "Scott Ogle" <>
    Sub: Re: Rebecah
    OMG!! What is with you being so detailed!!?? Really? Is all that really necessary? Why do you have to tell everybody's business, including my own, in your letter!? Just saying you had a bad experience with Becky, is fine! I just want all that behind me and all you're doing is digging it up. Thanks. If you haven't sent it, don't. Now she has it written down by you and she can go show it to the ppl at church and say "I told you so." Thanks a lot.

    From: Maeli Arellano
    Sent: Friday, March 09, 2012 9:46 AM
    Subject: RE: Rebekah's 2012 Gaslighting

    There was some typos in the last email, but I was in a hurry. Anyway, look, don't think that I don't care about the church's issues, I do. Do what you think is right. I just don't want to be a part of it. I respect my mother and other people that go there. I'd rather just let the "big boys" handle it, I'm just a powerless person with a small voice. Hope you get somewhere.
    I did sorta over-react in my first response, but it had nothing to do with me not wanting the church to be exposed, believe that.

    Anyway, I have some people you can talk to that have experienced the sexual abused as children/teens from the higher-ups at the church (who are still higher-ups there), but I can't be mentioned. One person in particular is already a mother of 4 and in her late 30's. Show's how long this HAS been happening, and that it HAS in fact happened in the Austin chapter.
    Anyway, like I said, I can't be a part of it. My mother will never ever forgive me, and I can't live with that. I am still helping, just not for people to see. I know how much you love your mother, so do I. Okay, just remember that and respect it.
    This email is in a hurry too, so sorry for typos
    Back to work now. TTYL
    Good Luck!
    To: Enrique Coronado <> Add to Address Book: 'Scott Ogle' <>Subject: RE: PRESENTACION WESTMEDIA Guadalajara Billboard Beginning 1/1/16. Date: Nov 26, 2015 1:32 PM Attachments
    Sr. Coronado,
    Gracias por su consideración de nuestros contenidos cartelera usted. Me gustaría presentar una propuesta de revisión del contenido.
    Si cambiamos el logo de Anonymous a un logotipo de las Naciones Unidas, y la información de contacto de número de teléfono gratuito 'Víctimas de las Naciones Unidas y de correo electrónico, le apruebe nuestra cartelera?
    Mr. Coronado,
    Thank you for your consideration of our billboard content. I would like to submit a proposed revision to the content.
    If we change the logo from Anonymous to a United Nations logo, and the contact information for the United Nations' Victims' toll free telephone number and email, would you approve our billboard content?

    [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.85098)]Asleep at the Wheel Investigating Light of the World Church
    estigating Iglesia La Luz Del Mundo Pentecostal Church


    "The next cult from Texas" will likely be Iglesia La Luz Del Mundo / Light of the World Church (LLDM). You have heard of David Koresh, FLDS, and Scientology? This Cult has characteristics of all three: Sex, money, intimidation, and control of impressionable people. "The poorest of the poor" are met at the front door of their house if they fail to fund a church whose tithes are spent on by a foolish "self-dealing" Joaquin family that governs a religious 501(c)(3) tax exempt outrage.
    What distinguishes LLDM is their use of force to control the members. Similar to other ultraconservative "old testament" religious sects, women are prohibited from wearing dresses above the ankle, makeup, and cutting hair. Offering a child's virginity as "the most valuable gift to give a religious elite" goes so far beyond what is allowed religion, and the law, law enforcement has completely lost their mind thinking anyone can get away with it - inside, or outside, a bordered community. Granted, investigators have had a difficult time gaining evidence in a closed community, there is enough found in the public record to convict anyone - several times over.
    FBI / DHS in the U.S. have been blaming victims, misunderstanding "freedom of religion", and waiting for “bigger fish” instead of arresting "preachers who prey" "for the past 30 years that has destroyed families through human rights abuses, and a single family usurping church tithes in self-dealing practices in violation of their religious 501c3 tax exemption, but no one has "pulled the trigger". Samuel Joaquin Flores, the past "Apostle" of LLDM, recently passed away from Aids and Cancer complications - evading law enforcement who never sat him down for an interview, despite evidence implicating him on numerous human trafficking and money laundering schemes, including fraudulent land transfers, and Swiss bank accounts listed under "anonymous" names associated with the church elite, some of whom are called "unconditionals".
    No one within the church is allowed to disclose the secrets of the society without risking their social ties, and at times their own life.
    Most people have never heard of "Iglesia La Luz Del Mundo" / "Light of the World Church". Based in Mexico, the cult/sect has been on a building boom for years utilizing their own members to barter, borrow, steal, and bribe construction materials. The architectural results are impressive, but the underbelly of the organized criminal activity rarely comes to light because undocumented workers usually don't run to law enforcement, as a first reason. The other reasons are based on fear and intimidation.
    Carlos Montemayor, 2nd "in command" of LLDM, is a serial sexual predator preacher who preys on parishoners. He was the minister of the Austin, Texas chapter, leaving for Atlanta 10 years ago. During is ministry "tours", his wife arrives ahead of "Charlie" and selects daughters of members who she feels are a "right fit" for her husband's sexual enjoyment. This has been going on for years. He tells victims "they will go to hell if they tell anyone.". -Carlos Montemayor 15 years ago - Carlos now a "producer" and Minister in Georgia
    Upon learning only a little about one of Austin's two LLDM "chapter" closeted secrets, my first response was "call the police!". Three years later, I have learned why people give up on change for the better due to official apathy, administrative, and "catch 22s" from the different jurisdictions of government with everyone pointing fingers preventing any accomplishments in sporadic investigations - starting with law enforcement's misunderstanding of "freedom of religion".
    95% of the people in the church are good people who have a different faith than most, but practice their faith with sincere beliefs that should not be criticized. Tales of Joseph Smith of the Mormans, and the "high life" of Joel Osteen make comparisons difficult. The main difference is in the application of threats and force to members, money laundering, outrageous self-dealing among the Joaquin family, and sexual molestation, are factors that make this church different.
    Church defenders point to the Catholic church's sexual headlines as being "no worse than them". "Two wrongs don't make a right".

    FBI’s 2nd most important “targets”, after terrorists, are “human rights activists”.
    Some human rights activists should be investigated, such as some Anonymous group members who get “out of hand”, but Investigating the rest of us seems like a drain on limited governmental resources. I appreciate the attention because I know police have more power than LLDM fanatics.
    However, since Texas' four state FBI regional offices have wasted two (2) separate federal $$$ grants Congress provided for investigation of LLDM's international religious organization in the form of a church that uses member's own children to help construct massive "Chase Bank" style architectural behemouths. Injured workers nstructed to claim "home", rather than "work" accidents, to avoid governmental exposure and governmental paid ER visits while avoiding financial liability. When the press disclose human rights violations at LLDM church building construction sites , LLDM spokesmen distance themselves from association by calling them "volunteers".
    and still wait for information from volunteers who call (, maybe a shift in resources which include getting out of the office and speaking to those who know the truth about LLDM, rather than spending time in the cybercrimes unit funding computer nerds to complicate the efforts of those who are researching events and documents in the public domain our own law enforcement claims is “freedom of religion”.
    Police school covers six hours of “freedom of religion”.
    A California Federal Court Judge, however, recently called LLDM a cult who traffics members across international boundaries.
    What’s wrong with that picture?


    Subject: RE: MOTION IN GUADALAJARA beautiful province
    Date: November 20, 2015 1:07 PM
    Attachments: image001.png PROPOSAL GDL. 20-Nov-15.pdf
    <zzz!--[if !mso]=""><zzz![endif]--><zzz!--[if gte="" mso="" 9]=""><zzz![endif]--><zzz!--[if gte="" mso="" 9]=""><zzz![endif]-->
    Hello J
    He sent the other faces of the sites that are available.
    They hope to be to your liking.



    PERIPHERAL NTE. # 316 V / D

    $ 20,000.00

    Plutarco Elias Calles # 287 V / C.

    $ 20,000.00

    PERIPHERAL NTE. # 316 V / C

    $ 20,000.00

    Plutarco Elias Calles # 287 V / D

    $ 20,000.00


    Buenas tardes Sr. Scott por medio del presente le envió un cordial saludo y a la vez le comento que el Periódico Solo Ofertas únicamente y exclusivamente publica anuncios comerciales ya que nuestros ejemplares son gratuitos para el lector y estamos regidos por la comisión calificadora de Periódicos y Revistas ilustradas y debemos acatarnos a tales lineamientos que ellos nos marcan.
    Por lo que lamentablemente no podemos brindarle el servicio requerido por usted y estamos a sus ordenes para ofrecerle nuestros servicios en el ámbito comercial. Gracias

    Buenos días Lic. Enriqueta,

    Reciba un cordial saludo esperando se encuentre bien,

    Por medio del presente aprovecho para saludarla y a su vez enviarle la propuesta solicitada en GUADALAJARA.

    Espero sean de su agrado J


    Sin más por el momento me despido quedando a sus finas órdenes y atenta a sus dudas y comentarios.


    To: Sr. Hernandez , UN Ambassador / Angelina Jolie
    We intend to place a billboard ad near Iglesia La Luz Del Mundo's (LLDM) main cathedral near Hermosa Provincia, Guadalajara, Mexico offering a reward for information provided to US law enforcement leading to the arrest of human rights violators associated with LLDM. We are having a hard time finding any newspaper willing to run the ad, with or without the Anonymous mask.
    Could we include the UN as a contact, or sponsor on the billboard? Is there a form I need to fill out to request?
    LLDM's political influence may prevent us from advertising anywhere near the "dangerous cult", but if the UN logo were to replace Sr. Anonymous, it may be more politically correct. Angelina Jolie and her husband Pitt -both UN Human Rights Ambassadors - would be welcome additions to our efforts in serving justice in spite of law enforcement's reluctance to do the same surrounding "freedom of religion" associated with Sccientology, FLDS, and LLDM. A 3fer.
    We appreciate your support in our human rights effort toward these religious criminal enterprises masquerading as "Houses of God" stealing God's tithes for their personal use in all three mentioned religious entitities. It's time for a public review through Congress. No other level has made a dent in the growing levels of public outrage, including sexual molestation, whole scale human trafficking and "self-dealing" that would never be tolerated on an individual basis, but politics has married religion in US Law Enforcement's refusal to enforce laws that leafs victims. A lot of them.
    Scientology lost their tax free status in the Netherlands. Now is our opportunity to ask the US IRS Enforcement Division why the same violations are tolerated in the US - with LLDM have even more violations.
    We are preparing a US Congressional Review Request of the tax status of Scientology, FLDS/Warren Jeffs, and LLDM's IRS violations. "Let them praise the Lord, and pay taxes, unless they can each explain over a dozen violations of the tax code. Law Enforcement's failure to enforce those same violations would be another issue Congress can shed light on through a "Religious Review of Sketchy Sects".

    To say "You are my work in the Lord and the seal of my apostolate" is needed to have worked in this work as master builder, not take advantage of the poor in a privileged position.
    The unfortunate subsequent appeal of the Joaquin family in the living room of ministers, claiming without regard to the successor offerings economic and material benefits of any kind as a way to obtain salvation , suggesting that the spiritual work of the Apostle of Jesus Christ is a natural property of his sons, and calling beggars to members of the clergy and others similar thoughts, is an unacceptable distortion.
    Ministers speak with hired permanent fidelity to man and a blind and automatic acceptance that has certainly nothing of God, but rather a sign of all of dictatorship and forced obligation of a privileged few using those with no leverage as a personal bank account.
    [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.85098)]"Responsibility is what no one claims is their 'Jurisdiction'."[/COLOR]
    Any comments can be directed to:

    Ogle's Video and Text Disclaimer

    The videos contained in Ogle's social media postings are for information only. The contents of the videos, including graphics, images, text, quoted information and all other materials ("content") are provided for creative expression of Ogle's truthful and verifiable experiences involving church defenders, and "sensitive law enforcement investigations" of "Light of the World Church" / "Iglesia La Luz Del Mundo" (LLDM).
    Coined a "dangerous religious sect" by most current religious scholars' opinions is a closed religious society, LLDM, that operates similarly to FLDS/Warren Jeffs and former David Koresh - all sharing fortified communities that continue to cause more harm than good to the members - often poor, uneducated undocumented immigrants who are attracted more to the community welfare the church assists in obtaining, while strict control of communication, and to whom, leaves victims with no voice when their human rights are violated.
    The dishonesty by law enforcement themselves surrounding law enforcement investigations - especially on the Federal level - includes persons associated with law enforcement who "bait" their #2 target human rights advocates are encouraging the breaking of laws in an effort to arrest to those "targets" they find "irritating" regardless of good intentions. Derogatory depictions of law enforcement is aimed at some, but not all of those in positions of power, and are not limited to law enforcement, but is meant to also include prosecutors, district attorneys, and judges who represent "the justice system" that, in Ogle's opinion, have historically refused to "draw the line" regarding religion's lega boundaries which has had consequences that few hear about outside the closed circles of fundamental religions.
    While Ogle respects authority in general, certain historical hesitations due to a lack of empathy are reflected in posts dating back to 2012 where some, but not all, of the music videos contain descriptive roles performed by recording artists Ogle selected that are meant to describe, rather than promote, recent historical activities surrounding Scientology's loss of its tax status in the Netherlands, and Russia, along with LLDM's investigation(s) that have spanned decades with little to no results.
    The content of the posts are often altered with syntax errors that are not "of Ogle's hand". Ogle misspells a little, but his grammar is pretty good when not altered. While Ogle's computer has been compromised too many to count, efforts to minimize alterations of text have been performed to the furthest extent possible.
    The messages contained in the music videos posted on any of Ogle's social media posts (and there are a bunch of them) extend beyond what Ogle's true opinions, ideas, plans, controversial efforts, and/or intentions in his coordinated efforts to "bring light" to the dark side of religion, in particular "Light of the World Church".
    Users should always consult with a qualified and licensed psychiatrist to second guess any of Ogle's actions, or inactions,
    The music videos contain lyrics that Ogle does not necessarily subscribe. Lil' Wayne, Eminem, and other controversial characters who themselves relate materials considered sexually explicit does not necessarily represent or reflect most of Ogle's personal opinion(s), and certainly not his experiences, or that Ogle condones, promotes, represents, or even agrees with the entertainer(s) included in the music messages.
    Users are warned that if you are, or tend to be, offended by such content, an alternate source of information should be found. Good luck with that. Publication of information or reference in Ogle's posts, including videos contained therein are for educational and entertainment purposes, and are not meant to incite, but rather influence those in positions of control by sending a message of my community's efforts to regain peace and honesty in a justice system that fails to control the Napoleons of religion, and influenced by politics, including governmental graft, rather than the truth.
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  8. does anybody know any omegle hacks
  9. No hacking here.
    Now die.
  10. DeathHamster Member

    I bite my thumb.
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  11. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    It was the FBI with a civil rights division , now it's homeland security. It's not unusual for programs to bounce back and forth which is not good for the program.
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  12. RavenEyes Member

    I'm guessing both have a piece in the HT pie, as well as the CIA, due to its international implications? Plus, it's the "hot topic" these days, especially with the whole immigration/election thingy, so they all want in on the action.

    How cynical of me. I mean, it's such a huge damn problem that we need all-hands-on-deck. It's really out of control. (It truly is. :( )
  13. RightOn Member

  14. Busy day for you longular dong?
  15. Hi. Just reading stuff and listening to music and procrastinating more important things.
    How are ya doing? What are you up to?

    GO TARA.

    Disambiguation you really ought to hang up your mod badge and GTFO because you're not particularly well liked or trusted by anyone, not that you're trying to be but it helps if you are. Maybe you don't understand this is a forum you're modding and not your own personal kingdom.
    Yes you've got opinions but if you choose to share them don't do it in such a way that shows your contempt for other anons, after all you're just a mod not god.
    Try showing a bit of humour from time to time if you have any it makes you look human if that is possible in your case.
    Take a look at fishypant for example, fair and funny and actively participated regularly, unlike yourself.

    Dis youve fucked this forum since you landed and it's not the first time you've been told about it , shame you can't take the hint and leave permanently. We'd love it.

  17. What music?

    I'm bored shitless.
  18. What sort of help were you asking her for?

    Listening to internet radio.
  19. If I had to choose between Freezone Scientology and Islam...

    I would go with Scn.

    Really, I would go with neither and find something better out there. lol
  20. That pie faced bitch Dis is quiet oddly enough for her.

    Not that we're missing the snarky cow.

  21. It's a time ago I needed the help and finally someone else gave it so it's history now.

  22. Islam,scientology they are all the same waste of time to me. I'm not a believer in any god more someone who hopes good will be the outcome.

  23. Internet radio but not sharing your musical choices?
  24. Both are Cultic movements which operate around their own separate type of ideology.

    One could refer to Lifton's criterion and Janja Lalich for detailed information for reference.
  25. Just sayin I miss lots of the og and these newbs from the last 3 -4 years haven't a clue what we were about.
    Every newb in the intro thread saying they saw us on the tubes or have been following us silently for years makes me wanta punch their faces. And the "teach me how to hack" fools ,sad really.
    / Reminiscing.
  26. Nope I'm going out to wash and polish my car rather than waste any more of my day here.

    Nice talkin with ya. Again.
  27. YES. That is when i wish that sue would shut the forum off and lock it down altogether, already.

    I love the people who think that it is my job to find solutions to and fix all of their problems for everything under the sun. .... i don't have any answers, and i am skeptical of people who pretend that they do.
  28. Hey longular come back soon. If you are who I think you are then we miss the brilliant mind you have and your sharp and intelligent sense of humour.
    Don't be a stranger now you hear?
  29. Ciao. Nice talking to you as well. ;)
    I've got to have more iced coffee and go out and do a bunch of things too.
    Have a good day. bye.
  30. ((((Awww.)))) Thank you, sweetheart.
  31. Your answers to newbs are few and far between and on the rare occasion when you give them they consist of the same thing almost every time .
    You're a sarcastic, unhelpful and dominant cunt who thinks this forum is here to serve your interests alone.

    It was here before you and will survive and thrive when you're gone.
    Get used to it.
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    No and fuck off.
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