Tommy Gorman Assaulted at SF Org

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by Anonymous, Dec 17, 2011.

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  1. Xenu Is Lord Member

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  2. Quentinanon Member

    "Never fear to hurt another in a just cause." L. Ron Hubbard
    And that's supposed to be a religion?
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  3. Xenu Is Lord Member

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  4. Mark Cabian Member

    Was Tommy struck? Was that a headbutt? An SF cop explained to me at a raid, that even "too close in someone's personal space" could be assault. She showed me two people too close to be okay. The example she pointed at was Camera Lady and MOOG, doing their dueling video camera thing. This, would easily be assault, even if Tommy was not struck.
  5. Pique Member

    Loving the mad face pic and also ^^ this one showing the clenched fist immediately upon departing the org.
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  6. Smurf Member

    Precisely. This guy wouldn't have assaulted Tommy without being told to do so. Last year, HGB guard Franck Paolo's brother, Frederick, got into my face & shoved me at a protest which was observed by a LAPD cop. Frederick got a royal tongue lashing. I haven't seen Frederick around since. Frederick, btw, was Jessica Feshbach's 2nd husband.
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  7. Mark Cabian Member

    Have we gotten the identity of Raegman yet?
  8. Anonymous Member

    Paging Daisy to the white courtesy phone. OG might be able to identify.
  9. DeathHamster Member


    (I did not change the color of his face. Against a light background he really is going Purple Hulk.)
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  10. Jeff Jacobsen Member

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  11. muldrake Member

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  12. Anonymous Member

    /r/ Way to Happiness shoop
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  13. telomere Member

    When Frederick got into your face, if you'd shoved him, you'd probably go to jail.
    Might still be in jail.

    With Tommy & Tomato-face, same. :|

    It's funny, how Anons accused rather vaguely of being all violent and stuff, get the full monte
    while Scientologists who hurt people on camera get "tongue lashings" at most.

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  14. Jeff Jacobsen Member

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  15. Xenu Is Lord Member

    The fools of Scientology !
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Don't know the guy- sent text to Sis to see if she knows the baby huey.
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  17. Daisy Member

    Trying to figure out who he is.
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  18. telomere Member

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  19. Miranda Member

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  20. incog712 Member

    One thing is certain, the org is going to have one hell of a time applying their "we just don't know who that person is" tech this time around.

    But it's going to be fun watching them try.
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  21. Tangerine Member

    I wouldn't be surprised if he was doxed by tomorrow. I would imagine Tommy has filed charges?

    Ethics Trouble would know who this is.
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  22. DeathHamster Member


    If this man was ever constipated, his head would pop like Scanners while he was straining.
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  23. Miranda Member

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  24. telomere Member

    Ethics Trouble is what he's in.
    Big Time.
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  25. Xenu Is Lord Member

    God, how I love the minds at WWP!
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  26. Anna_Asks Member

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  27. He's just the kind of person the LAPD would hire if he is looking for work.
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  28. telomere Member

    Holy Scripture:

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  29. I suppose that Tommy's Video is presently in an Evidence Locker and we've only been shown Jennifer's to date?
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  30. JustNoise Member

    I don't know him. ET or SPRTT? You know this guy?
  31. another123 Member

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  32. Mark Cabian Member

    I might have him ID'd now.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Is this him?

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  34. skeptic2girl Member

    Oh my gosh, you guys are AWESOME! These shoops!! These screen grabs! I almost wet wet my pants, lol'ing! (no, really.)

    And Xenu Is Lord!! That one with Jerry and Richard and Raeg Dude - WOW.

    -The police did get the name of the guy (from JOSH, who watched the video and for some reason coughed up the name!) but wouldn't tell Tommy

    -he DEFINITELY needs a catchy nickname!

    -also, Josh confirmed dude is a Scientologist and comes in quite a bit

    -I don't think he has anything in his fist... just prepping to punch :(
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  35. Mark Cabian Member

    Not one of the California Raisins, despite the big head and fist.
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  36. LocalSP Member

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  37. Anonymous Member

    Tommy needs to get a lawyer, get the name and a TRO.
  38. Xenu Is Lord Member

    You should turn them in to giant posters for the ORG
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  39. skeptic2girl Member

    From what I understand, he's already contacting a lawyer and I believe, looking into the restraining order... that's what TRO refers to, yes?
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Yep :)
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