Tommy Gorman Assaulted at SF Org

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by Anonymous, Dec 17, 2011.

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  1. pooks Member

    Generally speaking, taking an insane cult, with a billion dollar slush fund, to court is not such a good idea.
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  2. DeathHamster Member

    Click on the image with text to get the hi-res image without the text.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Looks like the same shoes.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Just to follow up...while using the word motherf*cker may be appropriate in Scieno circles, it is not otherwise OK. It's hard to watch a video with that kind of language in it. Asshat, choad, asshole, fucker, shithead, yeah, those I can live with, but motherf*cker, no, just no. There's just something about implicating someone's mother that tends to set people off.

    (Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm fail and full of AIDS...but I recently informed a psychiatrist that a relative who was under his treatment had called her husband a motherf*cker after the shrink just got through telling me that the relative would NEVER USE that kind of language--well, it got a prescription filled. Because it's that kind of unacceptable in lots of different types of company.)
  5. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I was just thinking that very thing.
  6. subgenius Member

    TRO useless here.
    Criminal charge, lolsuit.
  7. Anonymous Member

    In previous TRO cases, was using people's names determined to be a bad thing, or was that just something from the peanut gallery?
  8. Jeff Jacobsen Member

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  9. xenubarb Member

    Hey, it's part of Scilon culture. Never met an ex-Sea Ogre who didn't cuss like a sailor. So, you have to understand that the Gormans were raised up soaking in Scientology "culture," and thus have egregious pottymouf.
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  10. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Who cares? It is a typical defensive response. I invite anyone who has an issue with it to go and protest and get attacked in the same way and show us how they would handle it. I think they both showed heroic restraint.
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  11. pooks Member

    Fuck that mutha fucker.
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  12. TinyDancer Member

    Just reading a thread on ESMB crystallised for me what I don't like about Tommy's approach. It confirms the CoS line that the wog world is dangerous and makes it harder for people to wake up.
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  13. xenubarb Member

    Been there done that broke a nail.
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  14. RightOn Member

    ^^^^this and to be offended by the word "mother fucker" is well.... quite silly. IMO And grow up. (not you Barb, talking to the offended one)

    You do not know what you would feel like if a raging bull charged at you with a clenched fist.
    Besides the fact that Gorman and Jennifer have pretty good reasons to be disgusted with COS considering his wife's story of being raped and COS advised both of them to cover it up.
    So as far as I am concerned they can "mother fuck" all they want. They have paid their dues with COS.
    Besides, everyone has their own style of protesting.
    I don't agree with everyone's different styles of protesting all the time, but at least they are out there, and I thank them for taking time out of their lives to try to plant seeds of doubt in others.
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  15. RightOn Member

    What you say is true for some, but keep in mind the environment of the Sea Orgers and how they are sworn at and yelled at all the time.
    It may be a way to get through to them using what they may be used to.
    They are used to foul language and being yelled at.
    Tho publics ... not so much.
  16. subgenius Member

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  17. enorme Member

    Gorman is my god.
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  18. TinyDancer Member

    Sure. It was more the angle he took before the assault that I was concerned about. ie. You're a slave!
  19. RightOn Member

    yes I know
    but the SO does not realize they are in fact slaves for the COS, they just think they are helping the planet.
    so maybe telling them that would help?
    IDK Gorman was in COS, so he must know how they think and what make strike a cord in someone?
    You never know what can may make people crack that shell they are in.
    I am sure it is something different for everyone
    It may be one word. Like slave
    Or maybe a song they hear or something visual.
    Anything can work to start the doubt process
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  20. xenubarb Member

    jeez maybe we should all have little cards with numbers on them to hold up. Who'll be Number One on American Raider?
  21. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    I was in a different cult, but I'll tell a few things that got me thinking. one was a live tape of Yes music. I thought, how can us angelic Christians have such sucky music while the devil has angelic music? Another thing was my grandmother. How could a nonbeliever be so nice and calm, while the True Believers were spiteful and anxious? Finally, I just got worn down. We were constantly pushed to give more and more of our time and money, and exhorted how so very important it all was. I decided that if 110% was not enough, maybe this wasn't for me.
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  22. TinyDancer Member

    Cliff gets it, Jeff.
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  23. LocalSP Member

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  24. RightOn Member

    thanks for sharing Jeff
    yes music can be a very powerful tool
    didn't Tory say that music was one of the things that woke her up too?
    I suggested a while back that people play oldies at the org protests so that the older members can hear songs from their teen years and thought that it may help to break through
    Popular songs from the 50s and 60s 70s and early 80s just may do the trick
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  25. MOOG Member

  26. Anna_Asks Member

    I recently met Tommy and asked him about his experiences. He tends to protest only after Scientology does stuff to him. They have done stuff to him recently, so he makes time in his schedule for a bit to come up and protest loudly and let them know he's not going to be intimidated - after a few weeks he peters out and stops/slows. He's there right now because they recently came to his home and messed with him and his family.

    I asked him about what to say - what would have resonated with him back when he was in (I ask this to all the exes I meet out at protests, just to try to see if there are different tactics/things to say that reach different people). He said that when he was in, he felt like he was on his way to OT (and he was a past life OT) and an all-powerful being. It was horrible, then, to be confronted with the reality that he was just a slave to the machine. What a dichotomy - you think you're all-powerful but you are actually serving a money-hungry cult and doing exactly what kind of slave labor/thought process that LRH set up.

    He says what he says on purpose, to find a way to get past the exterior of stone that is programmed into people, and he feels he uses his own experiences to let them know that he's mad, that the entire thing is a scam, that people should get out, and hopefully to plant a seed of doubt in people, even if it doesn't get acted on for a while. Starting the simmer, if you will. And he's most certainly there to show the people messing with him directly (Quiros and gang) that he's not intimidated.

    He still knows/has history with a lot of the people going in and out. The day I met him and Jennifer, Jennifer's mom went in. She didn't even look at them. It was hearbreaking. He saw people he'd known since he was a little kid. Yes, he's mad. They puncture his tires, harass him at home and work, and constantly try new things to mess with him.

    He's not anon, and his fight is at his home, with his family in Scn crosshairs, and I can't imagine the things they've done to the Gormans over the years. All for reporting that a cash cow raped a young girl. And then the subsequent asking of help from family friends and people you trust and being told that since he's a high-producer he *couldn't* have done a crime (the rapist, Gabe Williams, had Ethics protection/Kah-Kahn). I would gently ask any anon I was protesting with not to use the kind of language Tommy uses so that it would not reflect on us or affect us (we're careful not to use language like that). But he protests by and for himself, so I feel that it's his right to be mad, to show it, and to use the language he uses.

    Cussing does not mean you pulled in an assault - although Scientology might feel differently, here in this universe we understand that speech and actions are two different things. It's still assault and it's still against the law, and they've done worse to him and the people he loves, and they're still in business, doing it to him and others. My feelings are unambiguous on this matter - I support Tommy no matter what. He does NOT assault people, and he wants to show them he's not backing down. He's in the right here.

    tl;dr: yes, there were events prior to those on these videos that caused Tommy to get this upset
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  27. Smurf Member

    With all due respect, you're making the same assertions you've accused me of before a judge has heard the case. I speak from years of working in the legal arena, but you are right, I cannot predict what a particular judge will do. I am not telepathic. And, other than spouting your personal opines, your legal experience has been what?
  28. Anonymous Member

    Still, this loon deserves some compassion because she will be spending Christmas all alone with her little doggy, Maude, in the tiny dumpster she calls home in Stinson Beach with absolutely nothing to do, but chase the imaginary white vans full of OSA spais from her driveway.

    Let's all wish the Merry Moonbat a Merry Christmas, OK?
  29. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I worked with the courts for over a decade, don't care to expose myself by saying how. I have seen the smallest things make a case go one way over another with the same judge. TRO's sadly are handed out like candy these days and the gets that. Protesters should not be afraid to ask for equal rights.
  30. Anonymous Member

    I hear that someone in the ORG ID'd him after others would not. Most ethical people my ass.
  31. Anna_Asks Member

    Until the police report is filled out and handed back to Tommy with the name of the person who assaulted him I won't believe they correctly ID'd him. Can you imagine punching someone repeatedly and then the police helping you hide your name from the person you assaulted? Me either. Maybe this Josh guy did tell the truth, but I wouldn't bet money on it. Maybe he told the truth and the police are going after purple face dude with an assault arrest right now. But I wouldn't put money on that either.
  32. Smurf Member

    Unfortunately, judges have alot to worry about nowadays when they are provided the authority to take away or reduce a person's rights. There have been TRO cases in the past where a judge ruled against the application, and the victim ended up dead, by the individual she sought the TRO against. Therefore, most judges will agree to TROs and apply the 'throw the baby out with the bathwater' approach, that is, both the victim & the perp have their rights of moving freely taken away from them.

    If Tommy seeks a TRO, the cult will definitely introduce videos that show Tommy's temper at it's worst, note that Tommy is or was a semi-pro boxer, and that he's been assaulted numerous times, alleging that he is a man that enjoys provoking a fight. I doubt a TRO would be granted to him with conditions Tommy would be happy with.

    We also have to remember, when it comes to seeking redress in the courts, it is not an even playing field. The cult has no problem lying and manufacturing evidence, "under the penalty of perjury" (which has zero meaning to a Scilon) in a court case.
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  33. skeptic2girl Member

    I was hoping against hope this thread wouldn't eventually involve ragging on Tommy.

    The point isn't whether you agree with his methods of protest.

    The point is that a Scientologist attacked him.
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  34. 00anon00 Member

    And all Tommy's profanity was after he got punched. I'd call the guy a motherfucker too, I wouldn't be brave enough to say "Do something! Hit me!" because I would be cowering on the ground crying.
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  35. skeptic2girl Member

    Also, this is what came out of their mouths as they knew they could not fight back physically or else probably end up in jail.

    What could Jennifer do while in the car with her kids but film the thing and use the only defense she had - verbal - as they attacked her husband?

    What would YOU say? "Excuse me, Sir! I believe you are physically interfering with my spouse in a way that is violent and unacceptable! I request that you cease this type of behavior toute de suite!"

    I've never heard Jennifer talk like that normally -- I think even the most squeaky-clean-mouthed among us would be likely to spew cuss words in that situation.
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  36. Anonymous Member

  37. Anonymous Member

    Yes, yes, motherfuckingfaggotniggershit. Moving on.
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  38. pooks Member

    Ya but while we're waiting on the name of Tomato head I think it's fine to discuss Tommy and his protest style. It's on topic and a rather interesting discussion imo.
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  39. Smurf Member

    I disagree. Everyone that posts here has their own perspective on what they view as effective protesting, and if some are disturbed with his behavior, they are entitled to express their views. It is not "ragging on Tommy". I, personally, believe a big part of "effective protesting" is being alert to your environment & assuring the safety of fellow protesters. That's a hard thing to do when someone engages in a more aggressive form of protesting because they lose an amount of self-control. AGP & AO are good examples of this.

    Tommy was assaulted after engaging in aggressive protesting. His has his fans & he has those that don't agree with him. Life goes on.
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  40. Anna_Asks Member

    Yeah, I agree with this. It is also worth pointing out that Tommy protests alone, generally.
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