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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. I don't understand what makes you think he's hostile towards you.
  2. Lol, no can do, but you're right. PDF is a handsome man.
  3. Smurf Member

    And I guess you never will.
  4. I have no hostility toward you, Garry. All I'm trying to do is to get you to leave someone alone. I was a huge fan of you guy's work in 2008. I may have even attended a Scientology protest.
  5. I'm in it for the mask and cape. That'd be hawt *nods*
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  6. Smurf Member

    Other than dox the culprit behind your misguided prank that hurt innocent people in the process (that you seem to have zero compassion for), I have not harassed anyone.

    If you think that I, or others, are going to stop the discussion of the ramifications of this prank, you are dead wrong. Your friend Rufus may put a stop to it here at WWP, but this prank is being discussed on other boards. Oblivious to you, the family of Tamar Boehm are not at all pleased that this prank occurred. I spoke to her uncle last night.

    Just curious.. how much does an innocent victim of one of your Landover pranks have to suffer before you & your ilk would consider it significant?
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  7. okay then i personally have no problem with you
    you may carry on in your endevors
    as for other anons in this forum i couldn't say.

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  8. yup totally should hold LBC responsible for other people's reactions to them.
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  9. Smurf Member

  10. Oh well that's good to read.

    Oh wait. I guess your statement above isn't entirely accurate.

    Last I checked, we didn't cause the earthquake. Why not screw with Glenn Beck? I'm pretty sure he said the earthquake in Japan was a wake up call from God.

    What? You don't pack the gear to go after a big target like that? You have to mess with people yanking your chain? I don't apologize for doing the exact same thing that mainstream Christians have done repeatedly, so you are correct there, Mr. Scarff.
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  11. To you as well.
  12. wow...
    you just keep getting more and more points in my book. <3
  13. I still don't understand the resistance to make something good of all this. My God, Tamar's got one hell of an audience right now. Time's a wastin'.

    Also, she's got a real chance to broaden the discussion on fanatics in religion, which I am guessing is at least in part the point of Landover. If it were purely for the lulz, they'd be attacking more than one topic. Lulz are lulz, right?

    Is it fear, Tamar? Really? That's really sad if true.

  14. Okay, now we're getting somewhere. You do want to limit discussion about Tamar's idiocy. A bit late for that, ya think? Half a million people (probably a lot more before the YT site was taken down, and now the videos are viral and still getting tens of thousands of hits) think they have the right to comment on Tamar.

    Good luck gettin' people to shaddup by stamping your foot and demanding things in a forum.

    I keep telling you what to do to shut people up about Tamar specifically and start addressing the bigger issues, and get some good regard flowing her way, but you seem not to be listening.
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  15. I don't care if people shut up about her. I don't care if they are mad at her. I simply want people like Garry Scarff to quit calling her family and taking it IRL.

    There are many more lulz worthy targets out there.
  16. PotatoChip Member

    Are there any documented occurrences of someone who was doc'ed actually being victimized in some way other than harassed and pizza'ed?
    Re: Tamar's audience... Closing her account did seem to significantly halt the spread of the video. There are many many mirrors, but none are even close to the viral state her original was. I'm kind of surprised by this actually, I was expecting at least one of the reposts to go just as viral. I It's probably because her original account was obviously her-own, and she had been posting similar subjects for quite some time.
    So I wonder from this point if her video re-posts will continue to grow, or dwindle away.
    I also tried to find legal precedent for dropping someone's docs being considered illegal. All I could find was an opinion that if you did it with the obvious intentions to cause that person harm, you could be charged in theory with conspiracy to commit whatever crime followed. If the information was obtained illegally (hacking a secured network) then you could be charged with the hacking as well as dissemination. I did not see smurf post her docs followed by a "get her" remark, so I don't think he could ever be charged with anything. In any case, I seriously doubt he is the only one who doxed her.
  17. Oh, and by the way, now that Tamar's uncle opened his big fat yap about who he is and acknowledged who his niece is, they haven't a legal leg to stand. Not that she had much of one to stand on previously. See: Alexandra Wallace.

    The woman in Florida, however...she's got lots of room to do the suein'.
  18. Too late. Tamar's uncle already allowed it to go RL. And I don't recall anyone from here saying they'd spoken to anyone in the family on the phone. I do recall someone saying they'd spoken to family members via Twitter, only after the family members acknowledged their identity. Just sayin'.
  19. And that kiddies is a prime example of when to call the pohlice
    inb4 something horrible happens to this poor woman.

    Edit: i wrote this not realizing he was defending tamar or whatever her name is
  20. No kidding. Garry has already admitted, ITT that the Sheriff's department had a chat with him. I screen capped that just in case he tries to delete it.
  21. PotatoChip Member

    An unsolicited call is not harassment unless he is asked to not call back and continues. Imagine the life of a reporter if that were harassment.
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  22. Yanno I am almost envious of Tamar. I just can't believe she's letting such a golden opportunity slip out of her hands. Not only does she have the chance to not go down in history as one of the biggest internet fucktards ever (her name and face are already becoming synonymous with epic stupidity), but she's really got a chance to do something good, to work this to her favor, to make a *HUGE* difference in the world and in the debate of how we allow religion to effect our development as a people and all this STUPID PERSON can do is whine about pizza delivery?

    REALLY!? Awesome lulz. Trying to think of a bigger target du jour for ridicule. Nothing's coming to mind, but then again I haven't checked slashdot yet for today's headlines...
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  23. *facepalm* Because playing victim is infinitely more satisfying than driving conversation and possibly enlightening people on a national level...
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  24. im sorry but i gotta stand behind smurf on this cuz if i were in his position i would be doing the same exact thing plus ive interacted with him much more than i have with you and he dint come off as an irritant when i 1st met him like you did. so saying his wrong and poo pooing hin would be hypocritical on my part. also i was referring to someone exponentially more dangerous than smurf going after the woman.
  25. @PWS
    Tamar's your friend, right? FFS contact her, tell her to find a PR/advertising agency big enough, with an understanding of viral campaigns on the interwebz and git 'er dun! Carpe momentum, buddy!
  26. Anonymous Member

    someone please tell me
    is this douche trying to defend the idiot girl that made this vids
    or the woman in FL this girl fucked with. im confused
  27. Which douchebag? Er...Pastor Will? I think he just wants people to shaddup, and isn't above veiled internet threats to try to accomplish that. *shrug* If they are friends, I can understand and appreciate his motivation, if not techniques. Does my heart good to see they care about someone, at any rate.

    He's defending Tamar, the person who made the videos. Why he insists on using the name of the woman in Florida, the true victim in all this, I have no clue.
  28. Anonymous Member

    yes that guy? is he friends with lame lych mob producing tamar
    or standing up for the poor woman tamar hurt through her vids?
  29. He's defending Tamar, the person who made the videos. Why he insists on using the name of the woman in Florida, the true victim in all this, I have no clue.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Who knows, what evil, lurches in the hearts of sysadmins?
    The Smurf Knows!
  31. oh then if he is the fuck him, his mama and his frigging 3 legged dog.
    it kinda confused me cuz of his banter with smurf earlier made me think he was an ex anon or current or former or whatever.
    no sympathy from me bro...
  32. Hey Rufus,

    I'm not here to put out the fire with gasoline. But still. These are rather weird days for us.

    I can only say that this "prank" has gone way past what the intention was. I don't want to get into details, but .. WTF?

    Yes, I am a member of LBC, and before anyone goes for my "dox", I live in Bevel, Belgium. Not hard to find. You can check my IP, FWIW (I recommend

    Now, normally, we don't come out of the woodwork like this. Wiki is bad enough, and ironically, also terribly wrong.

    There is no direct relation between us and Chris Harper. But if you want to call him - he's a lawyer, so feel free - his number is [redacted] (I'm sure "smurf" will be happy to test this.) Don't be surprised when he'd sound a bit, ehm, surprised.

    Smurf... Garry... heh, what a guy. So happy to put people in danger, but scared shitless when other people find out where he lives. Don't worry, we wont post it here, but we will give the information to the LAPD, especially if and when something happens to "Pam", beyond the pizzas. Oh, and kudos on the rap sheet, dude!

    It doesn't matter if you are still a Scientology member, or if you are no longer one. You are batshit crazy either way. Oh, you were beaten as a kid? Well, man up, bitch.

    I'm sure you will use "Anonymous" as your personal army. Or maybe not. Maybe you just went one step too far. Who knows, eh?

    Still, I have to congratulate you with your total lack of insight, intelligence, and humanity.

    Carry on, nothing to see here. :)
  33. Smurf Member

    We are at an impasse. Agree to disagree. I'm not going to waste my time arguing with you, Will. I care less what you think of me. I don't live my life according to what others think (I did that for way too long in Scientology...)

    You go on doing what you think is justified in this situation, and I will do the same. I hope for the sake of Tamar & her family, they can move on with their lives, and Tamar can devote herself to her schooling & music aspirations & take a break from YouTube.

    FYI - I didn't contact law enforcement. They contacted me after some wise ass told them I was responsible for this prank.
  34. For the record, I was being facetious.
  35. PotatoChip Member

    I'm confused, on page 2 of this thread Smurf posts "they doxed her" with a link to the PMF facebook some chan setup.
  36. hey Rufus, You're a mod no?
    please end this douchebaggery of a thread before someone ends up dividing by 0 and we all die
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  37. Anonymous Member

  38. Smurf Member

    ROTFLOL!!! I love these trolls, especially your very retarded 1st post. FYI - my home address has been the same for the last 13 years and it is very public. Even Babbles knows it and has published it many times in her rants. But, as you say, because I'm "scared shitless"... 7760 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. 90046. (corner of Hollywood Blvd & North Genesee) - orange building.

    But, if you're dropping by to ride on the super sekrit subway underneath my building.. don't bother.. that's just a figment of Babble's imagination. Try not coming across as a loon in your next post, k?
  39. Yeah good idea. I hate to do this, but this is getting out of hand.
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