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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    You a pedophile?
  2. Anonymous Member

    Reminds me of another iidotic chick.

  3. Anonymous Member

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  4. Anonymous Member

  5. I suppose that's why we tried to change her name from Tam Tam Pamela to Pamela Thompson after the first video came out tying her to LBC.

    Yeah, you know better than everyone else. Only you know the truth. :lol:

    I also guess that's why we waited so long to act. If we were attention whoring and not actually concerned about our contributor, we would have put it out there the same day.
  6. Smurf Member

    Funny, that's not the info I've gotten from her family. LOL. Go ahead and take credit where credit's not true to further perpetrate your farce.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Dox or STFU.
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  8. It's clear what your agenda is. You are mad because she mocked your beliefs. So mad!
  9. Anonymous Member

  10. Being an admin, I have her IP addys. Do you want them too?

    I have also spoken to her multiple times via email and private messaging. I could even screen cap the pertinent part of a conversation with her.
  11. Just to let you guys know, I am a huge fan of anon. Hell, I still consider myself to be anonymous. We are all here to do the same thing, I hope. We are here to push the status quo to its limits and then some.

    Call it in bad taste, but we do the same thing all day every day at LBC. Also mainstream Christians have done the same thing repeatedly. Falwell said queers caused 9-11. Robertson said abortion caused Katrina. Some Muslim said homosexuals were to blame for earthquakes. Glenn Beck said the earthquake could be Japan's wakeup call. Go after those people IRL.
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  12. JohnnyRUClear Member

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  13. Smurf Member

    I bear no ill will to satirists and those that parody Christians. I have followed Chris Turner aka Pastor Deacon Fred @ Landover over the years.. the man is hilarious.. but this situation with Tamar Boehm is no longer funny to alot of people.. in fact, law enforcement has gotten involved because an innocent family in Florida one day woke up to being consistently harassed & threatened. "Will Sampson" admits to being a party to this monumental joke..

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on this, but when has Anonymous formally accepted the idea that it's OK to break the law, hurting people in the process, for the lulz?

    This is the type of shit that Scientology & the media harps on all the time to paint Anonymous as "internet terrorists", and some of us in SoCal bend over backwards to dispel that notion to the media. Then, we have twats like "Pastor Will Sampson" come into the picture and gloat it's OK to cause distress to innocent people if there is personal lulz involved. Sad.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    regardless, i'd still do her.....
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  15. You guys came up with the Pamela Thompson in Florida thing. Not any of us. We didn't do that, kid. You are the ones who did that on the basis of a name. That's the main reason our Pam baleeted her account is because innocents were suffering.

    We understand the game we play has risks, but most of us insulate ourselves enough to try to make sure it doesn't happen to us. Pam played too close to the fire and she got some delicious pizza as a parting gift.

    Is there anyway to let it go? I will gladly delete the thread on LBC making fun of you if you will admit that she is one of ours and leave good enough alone.

    As a gesture of goodwill, I am baleeting it now.
  16. mthdn Member

    The meda have almost reached the point of cruelty with their reporting of the crisis in Japan.

    Foreigners having to leave, the Nuclear Power Plants, thousands dead yet some bitch gets to post a video on youtube bagging them. I'm not gonna see it, if just to not raise her ego by the number of hits her video has got + 1;

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  17. Who among us wouldn't?
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  18. lulzgasm Member

    This a case of trolls trolling trolls that troll trolls?
  19. Yep, and anon won like it always does, but for the wrong reasons this time
  20. Smurf Member

    Fat chance. I had a interesting conversation yesterday with a Hillsborough County Sheriff's detective after they were informed that I was the one that doxed Tamar & misinformed that I had something to do with this prank.. that you now admit to orchestrating. I admitted to the doxing and and am not at all apologetic for doing it. I will forward your information to the detective. Thank you.

    When an innocent women with two small children has to be concerned for personal safety over something they had zero to do with... and you find that funny.... wow!

    All things considered, I find you incredibly arrogant & disgusting.
  21. I orchestrated nothing and now your thread goes back up, fuckwit. See you on my turf from here out.
  22. Smurf Member

    Ooooo... I'm scared.

  23. Almost as scared as I am by your threats to bring the law into it.
  24. Anonymous Member

  25. hushpuppy Member

    Can we please stop the personal attacks here on WWP?
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  26. Boss, to do that, you would have to unapprove this thread as the entire thing is nothing but a personal attack on a fellow troll.
  27. Anonymous Member

  28. I fail to see the pa request here, Smurf.
  29. Your compassion is underwhelming. For Tamar, for the Japanese people... meh, wasting my breath. You wouldn't do what you do if you gave two shits about more than flapping your jaws and making a point.
  30. Smurf Member

    Pastor Will Sampson claims Tamar is tamtampamela aka Sister Pamela Thompson.

    In this thread, on 6/27/10, "Pamela" posted "My daddy is originally from Alabama. What prompted him to move out here to this God-forsaken state, I'll never know. Of course, it's not my place to question his doings. Perhaps I should visit my relatives in Alabama and see if they know any Christian, single men?"

    According to Tamar's uncle, Tamar was born & raised in Los Angeles. She also grew up without a father.
  31. Um. Sorry, I wouldn't. Not into chicks, and even if I were, I prefer them to have a pulse. -.-
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  32. What point is that? I'm here to attempt to help Pam out. Nothing more nothing less. We prayed the nuclear reactors melt down to prove how much God exists and how much He loves us.
  33. And what is your point? I live in Freehold, Iowa. Figure that one out, retard.
  34. Fair enough. Wouldn't we all do Pastor Ezekiel?
  35. Yeah the whole sister pamela thing is an online persona, or, if you will, character for online roleplay. They all have made one, fill the profile and posts with erroneous information and try to be consistent so as to seem convincing. The part I don't get still is why troll moderates? Are they thinking that because they are not as extremist in their beliefs they can be more easily converted or..?
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  36. I don't get the reference. Sorry.
  37. Lurk moar. It's the reason Smurf's panties are in such a twist.

    It's the reason we spend hundreds of hours pouring over the Bible in multiple translations. It's the reason we have spent years gathering Greek and Hebrew experts.

    Oh gosh, you're so close.
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  38. Nuh, splain it to me, Lucy. It's 6 AM here and I haven't had my coffee yet. :D
  39. Meh ok, for the lulz. Sigh. I was so hoping there'd be a bit more depth to you. Ah well.
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