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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Yeah, what up, dog? Is you is or is you ain't my baby?
  2. yeah so, off topic for a quick sec...

    Stumbled across this yesterday while poking around in YT, had about 4k views (in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of views things like Alexandra Wallace got). This has to be the single most thought provoking and beautiful piece of YT video I have seen.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Hey there - now your little joke has been revealed to have been about as funny as leukemia, have you given any thought in your desperate attempts to hang on the coat-tails of the popularity of the video to provide some click through links that would enable donations to be sent to relieve the misery in Japan?

    It wouldn't be too difficult for a comedy genius such as yourself or that ugly Armenian brat you call Tamar to set up a new video via your website, viewable only on a 5¢ donation or ad page then donate the resultant funds to the Japanese Red Cross or at least using the Google resources:

    As it is, you come across as someone so desperate for internet notoriety, the same can also be said for the aforementioned ugly girl in the videos, with no regard for the plight of millions of people caught up in the real world upon which you based your pathetic little stab at extremist Xtian freaks.
    (yeah, brave target guys, why not burn a Koran to make the same point? Too scared huh?)

    The only way you could possibly turn this into anything resembling a positive thing, and at the same time proving without doubt that you are indeed more morally grounded and compassionate than the fundamentalists you claim to be parodying, is if you actually get off your fat ass and set something up that would genuinely benefit the victims.

    Otherwise you and your "church" are just another shitty internet meme, and Tamar deserves all the shit she will get for the rest of her miserable ugly little life.
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  4. Lol trolls trolling trolls. Someone needs to pull the cock out of his butt and admit yhbt.

    I love landover. You guys are great.
  5. I've been suggesting Tamar do exactly that, monetize the website, and even continue making vids about all sorts of things done in the name of religion, and using the money to help undo a bit of damage in the world, either done in the name of religion or not.

    But I get the distinct impression that she and her friends don't think past the end of their smug faces, couldn't see what sort of impact they could have, and didn't care to begin with because they were in it for the lulz all along.

    So yeah, unless Tamar, the brunette equivalent to Alexandra Wallace, gets her own little epiphany, she's deserving of a steaming turd or three of fresh stinky corn stuffed ridicule till we get tired of plating it up for her.

    (also they weren't making fun of Christian nut jobs, they were making fun of moderates, people who don't even attend church all that often.)
  6. underminer Member

    Such an obvious troll. Yes, she does the born again grin very well, but the repetition of "you are so amazing" is a big giveaway. Over-egging. Still, as no one outside us lot will read this then it's going to have the desired effect, which is...well, anything could happen.
  7. Since when is "for the lulz" not a legit reason to do something around here?
  8. Dear Tamdouche,

    1) Put the fucking vids back up. ALL of them.
    2) Put in your profile but *not* vid description that they are parody. Make use of the shock value, sure, but don't leave people out in the dark completely. Most people who don't know how to navigate through a website all that well will still get the shock you intended to deliver in the first place.
    3) MONETIZE the fucking site with something other than LaughAlone now that you've fukked that up. Google for resources. You're a smart girl, you know how to do that.
    4) Donate half your money to Japanese relief efforts. Don't be a greedy twat or you're no better than the people you make fun of.
    5) Issue a video APOLOGY That reads "I AM SORRY for offending anyone who is missing loved ones in the disaster in Japan, and I am SORRY for offending people who are not members of religious fanatical groups such as Westboro Baptist Church and (fill in the blank, name names. Here's your fifteen minutes of fame, dumbass, use it to make a difference and point out a real wacko, not some moderate who spends most of his Sundays in his backyard in Bermuda shorts sucking down beer.)" Try to look sincere. Try not to justify or quantify your behavior, it will just piss people off further. Say you're sorry, be specific and list what you're sorry for, don't be a smug little twat, and turn the camera off fast.
    6) post the new apology.
    7) Quickly make more satire. This time? Pick on everyfuckingone other than the Japanese. Start with the Armenian church. Show people you can be self-effacing, that you have a fucking soul.
    8) Post satire. Make more money. Donate to cause. Rinse - repeat.

    If your comedy's good enough, you get to address bigger concerns, you get to make more involved videos, you get to do more than be a blip on the internet. You get to actually make a difference.
  9. Because you twit, it's like jacking off in public, eh? Lots of people will only stop and laugh at how small your dick is.
  10. I'm sorry, but I can't feel angry at such a masterful troll. These people know what they're doing and the fact that it pissed so many people off is a testament to how good it was.

    You really should see the irony in someone who posts on an Anonymous forum demanding for an apology because they were offended.
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  11. And yet, in spite of her KNOWING what she was doing, she ran like a bitch. Sorry, I don't buy that she had any clue what she was doing.

    And yet, there were thousands of Japanese people demanding it on her YT site before she took it down, some people even using their real names. So discount *my* request, especially since it wasn't a request but more of a list of shit to do for her to get her ass out of so much trouble and actually effect some change in the world.

    Reading comprehension. It's a good thing.
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  12. veravendetter Member

    Me too
  13. PotatoChip Member

    I'm sure her expectations were that she would maintain her anonymity and only get around 50K views if she was lucky. I don't think she cared about the woman in Florida who was picked by the chans... her accounts all went down shortly after her real docs were dropped and comments started showing up in her other youtube channel and Facebook associated with Tamar's name.
  14. Hmm, no, actually, people dropped the Tamar dox a good 7 hours before she took the videos down. I was actually sitting there watching the the comments from about 5 pm till she shut the site down, except for the hour and a half break I took that night to go make feeble attempts at the gym. When the hits got to 900 a minute, and the Miami New Times and Vanity Fair articles came out as well as twitter starting to go apeshit about the videos, that's when she pulled them down.
  15. veravendetter Member

    *pops head through window*

    Since when did Anonymous start getting annoyed by anything like this?
    Since when did Anonymous think being 'offended' makes you right?
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  16. Zak McKracken Member

    Since 9/11 FOI
    Why do you hate Anonymous?
    Why are you trying to make us look bad?
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  17. i root for smurf. smurf SMUUUUURFF!!!!!!!!
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  18. I dun care what you think.
    I will, however, pause to pay attention to what you say if you ever say anything with a bit of depth and forethought. And if what you say inspires me to reply, I will.
    Offense doesn't make anyone right. Doesn't necessarily make them WRONG, either. Since when do you think you have the right to deny anyone a voice on a topic, offended or not? That's what you're inferring.
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  19. who's denying anyone of anything?
  20. FIFY and from the Whole team apparently
  21. veravendetter Member

    Yeah, that was gonna be my question
    Glad to be inspirational. Thanks dude
  22. Smurf Member

    LOL. Hardly. It's funny how this thread has evolved from a discussion of a troll named Tamar Boehm to a celeb-wannabe whining & ranting that he's not getting due credit for the prank.

    Hey, Rev. Sampson, just curious, does this ring any bells?
  23. Anonymous Member

    They just lack the OT abilities of the Dutch Toto postulate an entire country below Sea level
  24. Who's ranting and whining?
  25. Smurf Member

    I'm cool as a cucumber. I see you haven't had your morning coffee yet.
  26. No, does the name Garry Lynn Scarf ring any bells with you?
  27. hey man can you pray to god for me to have bigger tits and a black womans ass pleeease seeing as how youre on a one one speaking relationship with god and he apparently listens to you. kaythkbye
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  28. hey i think you're my 1st favorite person on wwp <3
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  29. Smurf Member

  30. I see you trying to dox people. That's enough.
  31. Smurf Member

    Obvious who's side you're on.
  32. Smurf Member

    No prob, Reverend. :)
  33. so mr will sampson pastor guy....
    are you or are you not a good guy?
    maybe just a whiny little attention whore bawwing that you dint get the credit or recognition your inflated head thinks it deserves?
    or are you actually trying to defend the poor woman this stupid idiot got in trouble?

    do tell so i can get on the right track to either truly appreciating your presence on wwp and being your bff or flaming your annoying ass worse than when the sun goes supernova on us one day.
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  34. I have no interest in taking credit. I just want Pam left alone.

    We purposely tried to obscure the relationship between ourselves and her to keep her credibility. Now that all hell has broken loose, we are taking the unprecedented step of coming out of our tiny little corner of the intertubes.
  35. Smurf Member

    I might acquiesce if you provide me Chris' cell phone number. He's hawt.
  36. I just don't understand all the hostility towards our new user. I don't see that he's done anything to warrant it.
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  37. Smurf Member

    Evidently, you don't understand the new user's hostility towards me, either. Your bias is noted. Carry on...
  38. TY. Gotta admit I was pleasantly surprised to find this site. Most sites where people discuss things are ...well, a bunch of over-educated, myopic intellectuals fighting over who their sources were rather than discussing overall 'big picture' sorts of questions, or people incapable of debate because they haven't done more than researched their one little perspective and have no frame of reference to draw from, missing the point entirely, incapable of grasping the 'big picture' or 'cause and effect' because they haven't enough life experience from which to draw to be able to intelligently connect the dots.
    Some folks laugh at people who think the internet is srs business. I'm amused, and saddened, by people interacting with other people and *not* coming away from the exchange wiser, more informed, kinder, more thoughtful. Sure, there's fun to be had by all, but I am not so arrogant to think that interacting with another (on about any level) has zero potential to make me a better person, and I am not so self-deprecating that I believe I have nothing to offer in return. 'You' have value. I appreciate that value, even if it's (as in the case of Tamar) a lesson in AMGWTFBBQ!!!!11!1!111ONE I DUNFUGDUPDOH what not to do.

    Meh, I need coffee.
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