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    There are no understudies on live film... Anton may have been an un-credited stand-in for Sacha in shooting the film, but not an understudy.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    'People should come away from watching the video remembering that attractive, charismatic singers can also be evil, destructive individuals who have no empathy, whatsoever, for the pain they have caused others'

    Attractive? Are you mad? If you think a bucktoothed, smarmy, 80s relic is attractive then I am rather worried! Anton Lorien the scientologist is highly highly dangerous and highly highly creepy. He was diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder when 14 and you can see the malevolence in those uncaring, psychopathic eyes.
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    Good call.
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    Dox or STFU.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Let's git 'em! Rawr!
  6. Anonymous Member

    Real English, or back to school.
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    That's my face.. all the time.
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    Anton Lorien the scientologist on a recent holiday.
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    Out of the mankini
  11. Anonymous Member

    Celebrating the haircut and moustache removal with a crafty crap in the pool.
  12. Xemeow Member

    XeMeow is attempting contact through the Murakami book interest. Everyone loves cats, even intergalactic Cats that are in no way associated with Incident 2, I was on holiday visiting my Mom at the time, like Nat should, becuase Mom's always love. My Dad cares a lot too, like Nat's dad does, giving up their lives to try and save hers.

  13. Xemeow Member

    UPDATE: I was able to send two messages to her twitter, she followed me for about 2 hours, then everything was blocked. I did say that Mom and Dad love you and want to talk to you, and be a part of your life no matter what. I have no idea if anything went through or not.
  14. Smurf Member

    Natalie Milson's on Facebook now. [IMG]
  15. Xemeow Member

    Hmm, so one of the interests of hers is a Sports against Trafficing. If her Mom and Dad are still reading this, there are many articles out there about Scientology's particpation in Child Labor abuse, and moving people around against their will. Despite what most people think most Human Trafficing in the world is not for Sex but for Labor, similar to how the CoS does it.
  16. getbeckyout Member

    Hi I know you mean good.
    Natalie does see her mum and dad now, due to media PR that Wilson does not want.
    Tread carefully in your messages to Natalie.

    Things are moving along in a good way for her mum (Silene) at the moment, yes but screw the cult.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Hi, what's the media PR that seems to have worked here?

    If it worked for Natalie it could work for others too...
  18. getbeckyout Member

    The Sunday telegraph exposure, my YouTube vids have impacted, MP involvement and TV / radio on hold, Wilson / OSA instructed Natalie to go home as soon as the Telegraph paper contacted Wilson.
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  19. CarltonBANKS Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    Good work. Forgive my inquisitive nature but why is the TV/radio stuff on hold?

    Give 'em both barrels, surely? Anyway, you know what is best for sure. I hope Becky is well and I know she is a matter of concern for many here. Keep fighting the good fight brother. Your determination and dauntlessness puts this stupid little cult to shame.
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  21. Xemeow Member

    I can appreciate that, my two messages were along the lines of "Always remember that your family are there for you no matter what". To me, this was the best I could come up with. My knowledge of the cult is pretty extensive in terms of how they disconnect (not some much as some others here but up there). Isolation from family and an insistance that those outside could cause you harm are well documented. I really hope this family can get back together soon. Thanks for the info
  22. Herro Member

    LEAVE NAT ALONE! I talked to her today and she said she's tired of your nagging.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Dox or STFU.
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  24. CarltonBANKS Member




    I urge people to listen to the song (on YouTube) and then see if you agree with the above comments! Seriously - listen to it, now!

    it says all profits go to the charity. So does that mean Anton's salary, studio time, editing etc. gets paid using this cash?

    Anton has disabled ratings AND comments on YouTube. Maybe people can sample his song for 30 seconds (or so) and make a NEW YouTube video (that itself is protected by 'fair use'). That way we can talk about the FGT without him controlling it.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Anton Lorien disable comments because there were simply so many negative ones.
  26. Anonymous Member

    What's that you say? If I upload a picture and add the words Anton Lorien then it will appear within days in Google searches for his picture?
    Oh, how very interesting.

    Anton Lorien
    Anton Lorien Scientology
  27. Anonymous Member

    By jove, you're right sir!


    Anton Lorien

    Anton Lorien We are the Brits
  28. Anonymous Member

    Best comment on Youtube:

    Anton Lorien, Britain's Rebecca Black
  29. Anonymous Member


    Anton Lorien, Britain's Rebecca Black
  30. Smurf Member

    His sister, Serena, is gloating on FB about her starring role in this B-flick coming out in August & her mom's consistently applauding her success. Yep, Scientology is sure assisting her in her career. She appears at 0:13.
  31. CarltonBANKS Member

    Oh dear, looks tragic. Still, better than being unemployed, I suppose.

    Strange to see Serena on screen, she normally does voice-overs, amirite?

  32. CarltonBANKS Member


    Oh, well, here's a RuTube Mirrorz:

    Guess what - comment are enabled! Cos it's uploaded by one of us ;)

    protip - use Google Chrome to translate Russian, if you need help posting comments. (please make sensible criticisms or comments; don't just write 'Anton is a fag, lolz')

    post this everywhere.

    Idea is to get it ranking highly in a Google Search.
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  34. CarltonBANKS Member

    23rd December 2010 Review of We Are The Brits, the new single of the charity Afghan Heroes. By Judith Ratcliffe

    This heart-warming song, created by John Simons and Anton Lorien in celebration of five serving family members coming home safe from Afghanistan, is a celebration of being British and of the British armed forces with powerful underlying messages.
    From the very beginning we hear a single voice representing servicemen and women in emotive lyrics, which demonstrate their bravery past and present, their pride to be British and their pride in fighting for Queen and Country.
    Over an underlying drum beat which, for me, conjures a picture of the armed forces marching on parade, the lyrics place images of war and peacetime side by side, reminding us that the things we enjoy in freedom are ‘assured by the force of arms’.
    There are so many news stories these days about Britain’s problems, it is so refreshing to be given a song which celebrates British achievements and tells us that Britain has been, and most importantly still is, Great. We Are The Brits is for all of us and reminds us that we are one with the servicemen and women who fight on our behalf every day.
    We Are The Brits is a brilliant track for a fantastic charity, Afghan Heroes which was formed in September last year by the mothers of fallen soldiers who served on the front line in Afghanistan, after they first met each other when they went to collect their sons from RAF Lyneham. The aim of Afghan Heroes is to support and help all servicemen and women everywhere, the families of the fallen, and traumatised soldiers who have come back home.
    Afghan Heroes has a message for all servicemen and women at home and abroad:
    Please, if you are someone currently serving in the armed forces, or know someone who is, who is in need of anything, do not hesitate to get in touch with Afghan Heroes, using the contact details at the bottom of this report. They will do their very best to help you.
    This year the charity sent out over 10,000 parcels to soldiers on the front line. Recently, Afghan Heroes sent a serviceman, who is disabled, a special bicycle so that he can cycle to the North Pole.
    Afghan Heroes may be contacted at any time on 0844 5766 771 or via the website
    We Are The Brits can be downloaded from all major digital retailers including iTunes, 7digital, HMV, Amazon etc.If you would like to purchase the song for download to your PC via SMS rather than using a credit or debit card, you can do this by texting TRACK BRITS to 80818
    (Texts cost £1 which includes operator revenue share. UK only.) The track is also available as a download direct to your mobile by texting TRACK
    BRITS M to 80818
    (Texts cost £1 which includes operator revenue share. UK only.)
    Operator Data Transfer fees also apply for mobile downloads.
    This service is not available on iPhone
    Please remember to ask permission from whoever owns the telephone/computer and/or from whoever pays the bill before you download or text.
    All proceeds from downloading the single will go to Afghan Heroes.

    John Simons:
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Anton Lorien and John Simons
    Scientologist squirrels
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    What's that?

    We Have The Shits?

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