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    Well done Tony - you tell it like it is. Absolute respect for you.

    Is David Fryer public or staff?
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    I do hope David realises he's currently mocking up his "reactive mind" and therefore need not bother going "clear"!
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    He may have decided not to have any further association with you & your wife, but it wasn't church-ordered disconnection. It's only a matter of time before Becky will be forced to make the decision to stay with David or disconnect from you & your wife.

    The cult is getting bolder and ordering more & more disconnections... a self-preservation move... a sign that the cult is starting to crumble at the seams..
  8. And with every disconnection, they dig a bigger hole for themselves. The only thing left to do when of happens is to kick up a massive PR flap.

    Which has the added bonus of utterly ruining Graeme Wilson's week, which is always a worthwhile endeavor.
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    If Becky suggests disconnection or even tries it- I am willing to help create as much bad PR for the cult as I can until they back down.
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    I would suggest pulling the same recording trick as pulled on TD, then. If such can be accomplished.
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    And you have my axe, brave hobbit.
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  16. Double Dang, Vera Wang.......
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    This twitter feed is now public.

    (i realise Smurf can't respond to this anymore....)

    Interesting new video:

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    Natalie Chinnya ne Milsom is the main contact for 5MARTZ scientology front group.

    discussed here:

    5MARTZ is a new UK scientology front group working in the London area.
    It's similar in the way it operates to their other cult front groups Say No To Drugs Say Yes To Life, Drug-Free UK, Drug-Free UK Marathon; all are connected to scientology's Narconon.
    5MARTZ has 'run workshops' in schools in Newham and in youth groups in South London. They distribute scientology literature to children and teenagers and on their twitter feed they claim to have recruited young people as 'trainers' for 5MARTZ from the youth groups.
    5MARTZ is being run by Natalie Chinya ne Milsom. Scientologists the Lorien family are also involved.
    5MARTZ twitter feed and wordpress site date back to January 2013.
    This is Natalie Chinnya ne Milsom's mother's account of her daughter being recruited into the scientology cult:

    Natalie Chinnya (ne Milsom) was recruited into the cult by her boyfriend - scientologist Anton Lorien.
    Anton Lorien scientology completions:
    Natalie's family have run a campaign to get her out of scientology:

    Natalie Milsom is listed as the main contact for 5MARTS here:
    5MARTZ has teachers and youth workers following them on Twitter.
    There is no mention of scientology on their twitter feed or wordpress site. They do not tell people they are scientologists or of their scientology agenda.
    Scientology is anti-prescription drugs and in particular anti-psychiatry.
    5MARTZ is not a registered charity.
    Scientology's Narconon is under investigation for suspicious deaths and fraud in the USA:
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    Thanks for all the info guys.
    I have copied Natalie's mum, Silene and she will also be on the case for the sake of her daughter.
    Tony and Sue. X
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    Thanks Tony - hope this information is of use to Natalie's mum. Their story is very sad.
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  22. Sorry, I didn't post above, I'm new at this. I believe his (Anton's) father is also involved in Scientology-- Duncan Lorien, who teaches what appears to be a scientology - based music learning system. I was thinking about taking the course and tried to find out something about him. Found it impossible to find any info online that didn't obviously originate with him... which made me more and more suspicious, as his classes are not cheap.
    this is what he claims: Nothing in Wikipedia?! No criticisms, no independent reviews, from someone who claims he's taught tens of thousands of students his system?
    I found one copy of one of his old record albums on Ebay, with 2 bogus seeming reviews. There is a TedX talk, but that is not a real TED talk.
    I finally found that his daughter & son are involved in scientology, esp. this info, from your site, about his son Anton and the efforts of Anton's girlfriend's mother to deal with her involvement in scientology...
    and then more: has info about his completed scientology classes has info about a Music Convention Sept 2015 where he and other people are teaching... "advice about how to promote their musical careers using Scientology." .... "Contrary to the claims in the brochure, Duncan Lorien is not a well-known composer. He’s a music teacher, and teaches beginners how to learn music using his invention – the Lorien Chord System."
    So thanks to all you folks, for what you are doing.

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