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    Oh fuck Denis I’m sorry. Putin is emboldened by our ShitHeel President
  2. Radio communication between the russian leadership and border guard ships

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  4. “Trump refuses to condem Russian action in Ukraine”
    Of course not
  5. Martial law introduced. Military units are moved to the fighting positions. According to intelligence data, we expect a full-scale offensive of Russia....
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    Trump says he “may not meet “ with Putin because of aggression but odds are he will, put in will tell him Russia is defending himself and Trump will believe him
  7. EXACTLY!!!!!
  8. Nobody believed me, Your punishement is this video:

  9. The Internet Member

    Den, if you are still there, I wonder what you think about this:

    Former Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko caught the world's attention as a prisoner of Russia. Feted back home as a Ukrainian war hero, she was made an MP. The story of what has happened to her since - including being accused of plotting to blow up Kiev's parliament - is as strange as the recent course of Ukrainian politics.

    My gut says Savchenko is a cancer-causing Russian plant. She seems to do too many things by herself and she's too dramatic. But what do I know.

  10. I apologize for the delay.
    She was not a heroine, but we don’t give up ours (even idiots). In addition she has psychological abnormalities.

    P.S. The russians spread information on all the channel, that they sank the American submarine ))) - ))

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