Vallejo City Schools gave Applied Scholastics $11K in 2011, $9K in 2010, $4K in 2009

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by OTBT, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. OTBT Member

    Applied Scholastics stats are up in Vallejo City Unified School District, getting more money each year.

    Beware, the $11k so far for 2011 might get increased, just like it was increased in 2010.

    Excel file dated 28 Jan 2011, Applied Scholastics got $11,267.80 Board Mtg/14.2 Contracted Services.xls


    Excel file dated 1 June 2010, Applied Scholastics got $9,218.00. Original PO was for $6K, but was increased by $3K. Board Meeting/14.2 Purchase Orders List.xls


    Excel file dated 19 Feb 2009, Applied Scholastics got $4,046.00 Mtg/12.1 Approval of Contracted Services.xls


    Search Vallejo School site for "Applied Scholastics" scholastics
  2. RightOn Member

    OT, can we pleaseeeeeee post these all in one thread?
  3. phoxx Member

    3 years ago my old high school claims that taxes were used for 4k per students learning a year...

    color paper was not used because it was to expensive... FAIL
  4. duuuude how can they have already given so much to them in 2011 if it barely just started
    me no understand??
  5. phoxx Member

    washington state is different i suppose. our gas is 20 cents higher in a week also. $4 a gallon
  6. Anonymous Member

    WTF, Vallejo is the next city over from where I live. Need to do some digging like who is this consultant. Anybody have any ideas how I would find this out. Better do some digging on my city too.
  7. Anonymous Member

    find out who the employees are in these town positions.
    Look for cult sympathizers or cult members being on boards too
  8. OTBT Member

    @ RightOn, This ^ is the reason why I'm initially making separate thread for separate cities, rather than one big thread.

    @ Anonymous, go here for names of the school board:

    And I just had to post the photo of this huge beard school board guy:

  9. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, I searched the school board already too. I'm thinking I need to get in touch with Director of Elem Education which would be Mary Dybdahl. I'll let you know what happens.
  10. Optimisticate Member

    Maybe what is needed is an Applied Scholastics situation room to put all the various threads in?
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  11. Anonymous Member

    The newsroom for the "Times Herald" in Vallejo can be phoned at (707) 553-6826.
  12. phoxx Member

    im sure my town is full of cultists hahaha u can throw a stone and kill 3 corrupted lol
  13. Anonymous Member

    Sent out a bunch of emails to the Vallejo School Board with the link to the recent J.E. show regarding Applied Scholastics scam.
  14. RightOn Member

  15. Anonymous Member

    RE: Applied Scholastics receiving federal education Supplemental Educational Services monies.

    At least two state departments of education are now investigating the Applied Scholastics tutoring programs that are part of the state and federally-funded Supplemental Educational Services (SES) program. What the investigators need are first person accounts of families who enrolled their children in the Applied Scholastics SES after-school programs and were dis-satisfied and how and why did they pull out.

    I have explained to the investigators that when families contact any of us concerned with the Applied Scholastics tutoring program in the public education SES program, we generally advise them to NOT file a formal complaint but rather pull out and get another SES service provider. (This was certainly excellent and prudent advice when G.W. Bush was in office..... he had appointed Scientologist John Danielson as Chief of Staff to Sec'y of Education Rod Paige from 2001-2005, although this was not public knowledge until Nov. 2007. Those of us expressing concern about Scientology programs in public education who were within the public teaching and/or academic profession at the time would receive phone calls, e-mails and letters from unknown people questioning what we were doing. We did not want families under similar pressure.)

    IF you have direct knowledge about a family being dis-satisfied with Applied Scholastics in the Supplemental Educational Services program and the family wants to talk to a department of education investigator, please contact your state department of education and ask if there is an investigation. If so, have a cogent statement available from the family. If there has not yet been an investigation begun, your phone call might trigger one.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    That's crazy. And of course, Vallejo isn't exactly a high-tech mecca or anything. They need all the resources they have. Throwing away good money that is desperately needed elsewhere, is a travesty.
  17. RightOn Member

    If I am not mistaken, I believe it was Rod Paige who met with Cruise? Cruise showed up with a ton of books at a luncheon withg Paige and lobbied for Applied Scholastics to be introduced into US schools. Dont know th exact date, but it was a while back.

    EDITED: it was November 6, 2007:
    Rod Paige, Chartwell & Scientology

    So Tom Cruise showed his new film to a bunch of fancy folks the other day, according to this item sent in by a friend ( see second item here). Included among the guests were Rod Paige and John Danielson, Paige's former chief of staff, who are both now at Chartwell. According to the story, Danielson "tried to push Applied Scholastics, a Scientology education program, in the St. Louis public school system." Read more about that here. It's not clear from the story whether Paige and Danielson are Scientologists themselves.

    Another reason why I really can't stand Cruise. This and when he lobbied for the Purif for the NY fire fighters, amongst all the other crap he has pulled.
  18. RightOn Member

    moar from factnet:

    The Church of Scientology has already infiltrated itself into various government departments using Scientology “religious technology,” re-packaged for use in the government, business and secular sectors, utilizing front-groups such as Narconon (substance abuse rehabilitation programs), Criminon (prison system) and Narconon Drug Education and Applied Scholastics (public education). Significantly, in Feb. 2005 the State of California issued a finding that the Narconon Drug Education Curriculum does NOT meet California Education Standards for science and best practices in drug education.
    President George W. Bush’s former Secretary of Education (2001-2005) Rod Paige’s Chief of Staff was Scientologist John Danielson. They are still working together as the Chartwell Education Group.
    While Paige was in the Bush cabinet, the federal department of Education created and implemented the onerous P.L. 107-110, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001, (now up for re-authorization).
    In the following video, one can see John Danielson, retired from his role as the Sec’y of Education’s Chief of Staff, brag about using his role to implement legislation against the use of psychotropic drugs with children while in the Bush Administration, from 2001-2005.…, the third video down, about half-way through, and

    On the surface this may seem to be a somewhat worthwhile (albeit, controversial) endeavor. But, in fact, this is the implementation of Hubbard’s basic policies against medical treatment and therapy for children with mental health challenges. And the reason that Scientology is against mental health services for children? It is because Hubbard stated that children who receive mental health services are ineligible to become Scientologists (Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 6 December 1976RB, revised April 8, 1988, Illegal Acceptance of PCs and Acceptance of High Crime PL) and therefore cannot be recruited into Scientology.
    Is this another demonstration of the Bush administration using federal tax dollars to force implementation of policies in public education that are in conformity with the stated policies of Scientology?
    I say “another demonstration” because the Bush administration mandated NCLB law has been serving as a vehicle to try to compel states and districts to use public funds to pay for the private Scientology-front group “tutoring program” Applied Scholastics throughout the county.

    Under Title I of NCLB public schools that are labeled as “need improvement” have to set aside 20% of their Title I money for tutoring or transportation to tutoring from approved providers of supplemental education services. At this time, approximately 25% of ALL public schools in America are facing such a “label,” primarily because of the failure of two subsets to make “Adequate Yearly Improvement”: students with special needs and students who speak English as a second language.

    For example, Applied Scholastics is an approved provider in Missouri for supplemental education. On Oct. 18, 2005, the St. Louis Dispatch reported on the failure of the attempt to introduce Scientology’s Applied Scholastics education program into the St. Louis public school system.

    And other observers, such as Peter Downs of the Saint Louis Schools Watch on Sept. 22, 2005, reported that long-time Scientologist and Applied Scholastics Chief Executive Officer Bennetta Slaughter “said that Paige’s former chief of staff, John Danielson, had spoken the night before to Lynn Spampinato in favor of Applied Scholastics. Spampinato is the chief academic officer of St. Louis Public Schools. At the school board meeting that night, Spampinato reported that she had talked to Danielson. While acknowledging an arms length tie between Scientology and Applied Scholastics, she said: “The academic program has some credibility.”

    Scientology has been continuing, literally to this day, to try to place both Narconon Drug Education programs and Applied Scholastics in the public schools. While it is relatively easy to educate state and local boards of education about Narconon Drug Education by just drawing their attention to the CDE web-site evaluation of the nonsensical Narconon Drug Education, Applied Scholastics is a harder nut to crack because NCLB mandates that failing schools and districts offer for free to parents, at taxpayer’s expense, access to tutoring programs and Applied Scholastics consistently makes the list of approved tutoring programs. At least until conscientious educators and parents contact the agencies responsible for the lists and bring to their attention the multiple problems with this program.
    And it is only this past week of January 14, 2008 that Scientology has had to acknowledge, with the release of the secret video-tape, its proud role in the issue around over-medication of students. Even though, in their case, it was to further the recruitment aims of Scientology, as per Hubbard’s orders.
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