Village Voice: The Top 25 People Crippling Scientology

Discussion in 'Media' started by Sponge, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Xenophon for sure
  2. Anonymous Member

    Well, he did win the Freedom Medal of Valor at least...

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  3. DeathHamster Member

    I hope someone can leak a feed from the Int internal security cameras if and when Davie gets the news that he is the #1 person crippling Scientology.
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  4. Anon_Jon Member

    no, it's a BT slip. remember, psychiatrists are frauds (hate to feel the need to point this out, but freud was a shrink)
  5. Anonymous Member

    That was kind of the point of the joke.
  6. Anon_Jon Member

    LoL, sorry, I've been staring at e-paperwork too long.
  7. Sponge Member

    As Tony milks the suspense for all it's worth, an increasingly paranoid Miscavige will be getting frequent updates on the situation via his internal body thetan eggplant tellingfone as he prepares an army of Control-V'ers ready to flood the article comments at his micromanaged command (of which most people rarely read anyway).
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  8. Anonymous Member

    He might be delusional enough to think that it's a sign that he's winning as per the Hubbard quote about SPs screaming. Which I can't find.
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  9. DeathHamster Member

    Perhaps, but I think we'd see more crippling--in the specific rather than general sense.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Found it:

    But really, I'm not sure if he cares about the diminishing number of public if he can keep upping the pressure to squeeze more out of those left.
  11. Anonymous Member

    I get the impression that OSA is much more active at Tony's place since the list started...must have hit a nerve somewhere on the midget...
  12. Herro Member

    ^He thinks miscavige gives a fuck.

  13. Anonymous Member

    You know, if you actually bothered to read around the subject, you might actually be useful.

    Every ex, from Marty & Co at the pro-tech end, to Larry Brennan on the critic-side, who ever knew Tiny Dave will tell you that he *does* care. He cares a lot. It's part of his mental issues; He thinks he's the only person who can "make things go right", so he has to handle everything personally.
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  14. Diablo Member

    ^^Yeah, so there!^^

    Midget DOES care!
  15. Loki's spawn Member

    I dunno, Tony Ortega already does a lot of work critical of scientology. While this series of articles is interesting and fun, it shouldn't cause DM any more concern than any of his other pieces.
  16. incog712 Member

    OSA tends to limit the number of socks hatted to "handle" Marty related articles, minimizing the number of sci's that would cognite that Marty has blown and is publicly saying bad things about poor little Davey. There's only so much sec checking time available anymore, better to save it up for articles that the general public cares about. In OSA's absence, there's mainly just a clusterfuck of critics and Indies going at each other for the most part, with the indies screaming "You're OSA!!!" at each other and most everyone else too for that matter. Kind of reminds me of the old Enturb days.

    So yeah, articles like this and other non-Marty related articles on Tony's blog tend to draw more OSA socks.
  17. Sponge Member

    The things is, it's 25 articles that aren't begging a question but rather making an assertion.... that scientology is crippled. It's the kind of thing that entices OSA bots out to play. Then they have to work at a) counter-asserting that scientology is not crippled, multiple times in 25 articles and b) rubbishing the claims that these 25 people named in the contest are doing any crippling.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Scientology: Winning just like Charlie Sheen.
  19. Anonymous Member

    This is the closest Herro will ever get to a chick who looks like this.
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  20. Anonymous Member

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  21. Anonymous Member

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  22. Random guy Member

    The winns are comming fast and thick here! This series will be a great resource!
  23. The O$A bots have all but completely given up on the blog threads. They are so outnumbered!
  24. Anonymous Member

    Might be a good sign:

    L Ron's own descendants fleed!
    Wonder why?
    Or 866-XSEAORG
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  25. Sponge Member

    IMO, I think there are bound to be obvious key entries in this top 25 that OSAbot volunteers will either think twice about commenting on or be specfically told beforehand to wait (perhaps seeking approval from above). I think L.Ron Hubbard's great SP grandson would be one of those. Xenu was another.
    Also, they'd have to be careful about commenting on things that are related to ongoing and crucial litigation, such as the entry on Ken Dandar. If the chubbard himself is listed then I reckon they'd be out in force but they'd shut up again if David Miscavige is listed (or a pregnant pause whilst suitable copypasta is sent downlines to be control-vee'd).
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  26. Anonymous Member

  27. Anonymous Member

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  28. pedrofcuk Member

  29. MSAnon505 Member

    I kinda expected Moxon to be higher up on the list. But wait... there's 20 more people doing even MORE to cripple Scamatology? Oh bring it ON!!!
  30. wolfyrik Member

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  31. Anonymous Member

  32. Anonymous Member

    I expect the people at the top of the list have to have reached the level where the general public are likely to know about them and think Scientologists are crazy as a result of their actions.
  33. LocalSP Member

    I had to comment there about Moxon's daughter. I bet Tony didn't mention it so he wouldn't appear to sound cruel but I think it deserved a mention.
  34. Anonymous Member

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  35. Anonymous Member

  36. Diablo Member

    Too bad the article didn't discuss what a cold hearted fucktard this Moxon is by having his daughter locked up in the RPF and then dying after getting "electrocuted."

    She was probably trying to escape or killed herself to end the misery...

    Does Moxon blink an eye when this happens???? NO, he forges ahead and continues to protect the very people that are responsible for his daughters death!!!

    (the signs are right): SCIENTOLOGY DOES KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  37. pedrofcuk Member

    Me, choose me, I want to help scientology dwindle, I invented the collective noun, a "dwindle" of scientologists, so choose me, choose me 11
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  38. Anonymous Member

    check out comment #49, some guy has Portland Oregon pictures to share

    did he get the correct advice(see comment #50) on the how?
  39. Anonymous Member

    I certainly hope so. I left that advice.
  40. Smurf Member

    Rick's wife is using her maiden name on Facebook...

    Rick's daughter-in-law.. Eva Moxon.. uses her maiden name...!/profile.php?id=1334517211&sk=info


    Rick's grandson Jack & Eva Moxon (Brian's wife)

    Michael & Helena Kobrin have Facebook pages...

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