Village Voice: The Top 25 People Crippling Scientology

Discussion in 'Media' started by Sponge, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, only how are we going to keep an eye on it?
  2. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Good Xenu. What is that I don't even
  3. Anonymous Member

    Looks like the Blueprint for "Operation Snow White" to me.
  4. The Wrong Guy Member

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  5. The Wrong Guy Member

    Warnings from a former Scientologist - Barry Morgan Show

    By Barry Morgan

    There's always been a lot of talk about Scientology and lately there's been more since the split between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

    I wanted to explore the world of Scientology and did just that with former Scientologist and author Jefferson Hawkins. He had a bitter split with the Church and talks about physical and emotional abuse.

    Hawkins spent some time on my show this evening. It was an eye-opening conversation.

    Source, and audio:
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  6. The Wrong Guy Member

    From the above interview, near the end:

    Barry Morgan: How many members are there? Do you know?

    Jefferson Hawkins: I know very well, because I worked in Marketing, and I was able to access the list. I think at the height of its membership there were maybe 40,000 people involved internationally, and now I think it's probably closer to 25,000 worldwide.
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  7. amaX Member

    I'm going to guess it's closer to 9000 active scientologists world wide.
    Mansell says there are 1,000 active scientologists in the Tampa Bay area.
    I spoke with a young man who hangs out with sea org in CW and he said he thought there were between 200-300 sea org in CW. Let's give them another 100 sea org just because they're getting quite a few Asians, middle aged people, and kids to join up. The thing that throws me off is that I have no idea how many sea org are in L.A. and out in the desert at Hemet. I'll go with a 1,000.
    That brings the total to 2,400.
    I'll give them a generous 5,600 public sci's for the rest of the world minus Tampa Bay.
    I believe we had thrown out the number 25,000 a couple of years ago. I believe that number has dropped drastically.
    The whole cult only coughed up a little over 2,800 people for the big centennial LRH birthday event last year and that included busing in sea org.

    Just counting the mega-churches in the Tampa Bay area there are 52,050 active members. A mega-church has at least 2,000 regular parishioners. Here's a link to one list of mega-churches in Florida:*&sb=4&State=FL

    The Tampa Bay area churches that I included were these:

    Bell Shoals Baptist Church/Brandon, FL/ 3,378
    1ST Baptist Church/Brandon, FL/ 2,750
    Bay Life Church/Brandon, FL/ 2,500
    Calvary Baptist Church/Clearwater, FL/2,419
    Countryside Christian Center/Clearwater, FL/ 2,000
    1ST Baptist Church of Indian Rocks/Largo, FL/ 2,908
    Van Dyke United Methodist Church/Lutz, FL/2,143
    Idlewild Baptist Church/Lutz, FL/ 7,000
    Grace Family Church/Lutz, FL/ 5,500
    Calvary Chapel of St. Petersburg/ Pinellas Park, FL/ 3,500
    The Crossing Church/Tampa, FL/ 5,000
    Revealing Truth Ministries/Tampa, FL/ 2,500
    Without Walls International Church/Tampa, FL/ 3,000
    LifePoint Community Church/Tampa, FL/ 2,200
    Generations Christian Church/Trinity, FL/ 2,252
    Victorious Life Church/Wesley Chapel, FL/ 3,000

    Idlewild Baptist Church alone has 7,000 active members!

    Clearly (very bad pun intended), scientology is not clearing the world. They're not even clearing mecca.

    Happy dance!

    See you downtown!
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Lies, all lies. Scientology is expanding in Europe and the rest of the world like never before. Add in the numbers from our front groups, and we are way bigger than 12 million.


    Freedom magazine has facts that are totally provable and believable. Trust us, because we are a church, and are full of winningness.

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  9. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Amy should definitely use that photo for her avatar. :)
  10. DodoTheLaser Member

    To Anon who came up with the word WINNINGNESS -
    I would like to present you with October 2012 Xenu Award! :D :)
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  11. Anonymous Member

    So the total number of $cientologists left to save Teegeack is not even over 9000?

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  12. I very rarely check this thread out but I just gotta say that cover of FREEDOM MAGAZINE is just insane. I remember the old days when they just went after Psychiatry. Back then they almost seemed reasonable. Nowadays they come off like they are from another planet.
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  13. Anonomomily Member

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  14. Anonymous Member

    /r Freedom MaD Fold-In.
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  15. Random guy Member

    They are, at least according to Old Liverlipps.
  16. Anonymous Member

    A posse of lunatics?


    Got to love the bit in this video where Mosey asks that ugly bitch Joanne Wheaton why she hasn't gotten her daughter out of the RPF yet...

    Skip to 6:57 - the look on her face when Joanne Wheaton realizes she is totally cornered - priceless!

    I know Marty is a lying dick but this video is awesome. Also see the one where he's spraying them in the face with a water hose. LULZ!
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, Mosey is kinda hot.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    I think any hotness that Mosey has/had went out the window when she hooked up with Marty

  19. The vast majority of the '12 million plus Scientologists' must be doing 'research on the upper bands of OT levels' on another planet with L. Ron Hubbard (according to David Miscavige's eulogy) who ironically required an enormous shot in the ass of the psychotropic drug 'Vistaril' to launch himself into another Guhlaxee.

    Scientology has left several thousand here on earth to recruit and process the multiple millions more demanding Scientology 'services'

    LRH decided to discard the sound and strong body of this mighty thetan despite the fact that he could have carried on for many more delightful years on January 24, 36 AD (After Dianetics) for the benefit of thetans everywhere.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    How "enormous" was it?
  21. Keep up with class, enormous enough to send the hypocritical, anti-drug policy writer's mighty thetan into another guhlaxee......
  22. Anonymous Member

    Enormous Vistaril killed LRH?
  23. No, apparently Hubbard's research included experimenting with the psychotropic drug Vistaril that was found in his system, it didn't kill him by itself, merely part of the 'Tech' to discard the body of a mighty thetan.
  24. Anonymous Member

    It was injected in him at LRH's request?

  25. Well, witnesses of LRH's behavior have claimed that after popping pinks and grays with his rum for decades, he apparently moved up to stronger meds, as for who gave him what on the night his healthy body (according to DM) was 'discarded by LRH', that is certainly open to question and was never properly investigated, imho.

    Earl Cooley and DM saw to it that his ashes were discarded immediately the very next day in compliance with his very recently changed will, how convenient, they couldn't control the coroner's report about the presence of vistaril in the convicted, hypocritical fraud's body.

    Rumor has it that it may have been DM's 'Golden Age of Tech' and not original LRH Scientology 'Tech' that brought about the demise of this mighty thetan and the 'discarding' of his otherwise allegedly (according to DM's eulogy) healthy body.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    I think the most likely scenario is that Dr. Denk prescribed the Vistaril as a tranquilizer to keep an increasingly more agitated and out of control LRH calm enough to remain at his own home but of course other scenarios are possible.
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  27. I agree but DM and Earl Cooley were up to no good in the aftermath, I think that Pat Broeker could shed quite a bit of light on Hubbard's 'discarding' of his body and the adjusted will executed by Cooley and DM, I don't think the truth of LRH's demise will come out any time soon, if ever, meanwhile his brutally abusive scam lives on ...........for now.......
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  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    David G. McAfee: What projects are you working on now?

    Jamie DeWolf: I finished a feature film called Smoked, which is at — it’s premiering this month at the Oakland Underground Film Festival. I’m working on a new feature film that I’ll be shooting over this Christmas break and on a lot of short films. I’m also interested in doing a larger project on L. Ron Hubbard and the Scientology cult connection, so I’m looking at different options that interest me artistically. I also have a new CD called Vaude Villain that’s also available on my site. Other than that, I have more movies, more shows, more performances, and Tourettes Without Regrets is every month.

    From Exposing Scientology: An interview with Jamie DeWolf by David G. McAfee
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  29. Anonymous Member

    I like Jamie DeWolff. I saw somebody commented under his article in the Sun that he is only speaking out now, that there is money in it. What a stupid comment. He made a stand up comedy routine about being the great grandson of LRH years ago, when nobody dared attacking Scientology.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    According to the recent Haaretz article, in Israel there are 400 active Scientologists [Israel's population is seven million].
    Now, what worries me is that the new shiny building in Jaffa would attract innocent passers by and the number of Scientologists in Israel would increase. Then again....with all the negative media that they got, it's not very likely.
  31. Anonymous Member

    The only people that "pass by" in Jaffa are the local arabs checking out the metal sculptures and wiring and busts of LRH so they know what to grab and sell for scrap when it gets shut down, blown up, or abandoned.
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  32. The Wrong Guy Member

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