Washington DC - Post Game October 15th

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by 3rdMan, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    So how many people showed up over all? It seemed like quite a raid. Did you have guest from other cities?
  2. lostatsea Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    Sparrow's final megaraid vid
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  4. GuyFox Member

    Holy shit guise, love to see my little Davey :D
    I'd say you perfected it :D
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  5. adhocrat Member

    u guise rawk

    Now send our people home. They are on loan only, remember.
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  6. lostatsea Member

    Sorry, no. :p
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  7. Chipshotz Member

    The SFAnons did your city proud. Great job.
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  8. So much Awesome! Great Raid Reports, Anons! <3 it!
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  9. Tangerine Member

    <3! <3! <3!
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  10. xenu2012 Member

    LOL @ Sparrow dropping his meat-body at Death's touch [ending]
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  11. MOOG Member


    i love you gays! AnonSparrow, LostAtSea, Radio Paul, MaidOfWin, HubbardTelescope, MrAnonization, 3rdMan, DJCruciFuckWad9000, StrongStrength, SwedishWitchyPooAnon, PTS, LetThereBeLove, Vicky Terese, Sylvia Staynard and/or Sam Kinnison, EpicParkingmeterFeederMan, scientologists, people in the street, cops, wedding people, security guards, and dogs, thank you for the party, and hospitality &lt;3&lt;3&lt;3&lt;3

    editing the video version now. my favorite thing not in the video would be Vicki crossing the street toward PTS and i, saying &quot;do you want me to pose for a picture with you two?&quot; &quot;YES!!!!&quot; we scream. and she just keeps walking right past us, ignoring us.

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  12. lostatsea Member

    Moog! Come back! &lt;3
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  13. AnnieNonymous Member

    In regards to Sparrow and the situation in DC:
  14. Anonymous Member

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  15. I know I'm late to the party again, but THANK YOU awesome guys and gals for helping to make this happen. I had so much fun there. You guys have crazy staying power for being out there for so long, and the location and setup was great. Massive kudos to the D.C. folks who went through the hoopla of getting permits, gear, and other fun stuff, because you made it so easy for people like me who were just dropping by.

    My only regret was not being able to spend more time with you guys. I would've been been out there with you all day had things been different. Hugs to everyone I met - hope to see you all soon in one way or another!
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  16. lostatsea Member

    I was so glad you were able to make it. Great meeting you. :)
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  17. Well, in WhyWeProtest's post editor, you can use the little button of a tree, towards the right, that says Insert/Edit Image. Then it asks you for the URL of the image you wanna put in. So here's how I find the URL of a Flickr photo...

    - Open Flickr in its own tab or window
    - Look at the page of the photo you want to insert
    - Above the upper-right part of the photo, between the [PREV] and [NEXT] buttons, you can click a little magnifying glass
    - If desired, choose the preferred size
    - Right-click on top of the graphic itself --&gt; Copy Image Location

    Now I just go back to the browser tab that has this forum on it, use the Insert Image button, and paste in the image URL's. (Use control+V on a PC.) Like this:





    Very cool photos, by the way!
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  18. 3rdMan Member

    It was good to be graced by the accomplished Chifags (or Chifag) once again. Now I really have to return the gesture and visit sometime.
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  19. lostatsea Member

    Pix? C'mon, LetThereBeBoobsLove. <3
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  20. lostatsea Member

    Thanks! I did try the tree, and clicked on &quot;grab the URL&quot; or somesuch from Flickr and copy/pasted, but that didn't work for me. Next time I'll follow your instructions to the letter, though. I can doo eeet. Maybe. :) &lt;3
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  21. A day late, but here they are:
    Full album on photobukkit. I have higher rez versions, so let me know which one in a PM and I'll probably send it to you (eventually).





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  22. More:
    Full album on photobukkit. I have higher rez versions, so let me know which one in a PM and I'll probably send it to you (eventually).






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  23. And some more:
    Full album on photobukkit. I have higher rez versions, so let me know which one in a PM and I'll probably send it to you (eventually).





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  24. And the final three I'll post here:
    Full album on photobukkit. I have higher rez versions, so let me know which one in a PM and I'll probably send it to you (eventually).

    1) The pizza was delicious. Yes, I took a picture of the pizza. That was my intention when I took the picture.

    2) Did I mention that the pizza was delicious? Wait, you say I might have had an ulterior motive for taking this particular photo? I can assure you that nothing could be further from the truth.

    3) Ok, I lied.
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  25. lostatsea Member

    LOL :)

    Also, &lt;3 &lt;3.
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  26. anonsparrow Member

    Lol! Now that's some good funny!
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  27. 3rdMan Member

    To clarify, I was aiming for effigy, not the Anon hiding behind it.
  28. 3rdMan Member

    Everything was going well until the Scientologists brought out their K-9 Schnitzel. Watch out, its a raging wiener!
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  29. SPRTT Member

    Is that S2G in the gold lame wrap? LOL. She wasn't shittin' about the prom dress. 1987 FTW! lol

    DC, doinitrite.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    For your viewing enjoyment!

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  31. Anonymous Member

    great work
  32. Triumph Member

    FYI (for Radio Paul) the Nation of Islam Is also extremely Homo Phobic in their rhetoric...Farrakhan and his Ministers have said things 1000x worse anything Hubbard might have said...

    those comments are falling on deaf ears...with members of the NOI

    and the NOI associates with groups like the Neo-Nazis...on more than one occasion...they have no problems supporting or taking money from other racist organizations..

    comments about Hubbards Racism and homo-phobia won't phase member of the NOI much....If at All

    and Issues like Miscavige abusing his staff and disconnection...won't phase them either...
    there Is a documented history of physical abuse and brutal beatings...including murder...

    The NOI has a long sordid history of beating people & intimidation -who choose to leave their organization..when Elijah Muhammad ran things this was the rule......usually with a message to keep their moths shut "or else"...this goes along with shunning...

    and they attack those who leave in a similar fashion branding those that leave as Hipocrates.Imps..Puppets to white Devils etc...

    also your a RACIST to members of the NOI because your white (irregardless)...end of story...they are only playing along with the Scientologist because they are told they have too...thats the nature of the blind obedience they must adhere too...second guessing Farrakhan is verboten ....

    Issues like abortion and child endangerment...are another story....
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  33. pooks Member

    How can I get me one of those funny pix of DM? I want one for my next protest.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Yeah that is all nice and true. But you still got to call them out on it all the same. If not to get through to them at least the public hears it.
  35. Triumph Member

    just raising his level of awareness...
    RP needs to tweak his approach...
  36. Chipshotz Member

    Good job RP.
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  37. I applaud RP's costume and dedication but wish he'd lay off the inaccurate rape-cover-up references regarding Jan Eastgate.
  38. Anonymous Member

    No not really, he needs to keep what he is doing. According to you nothing he does will work anyway, so what is your point?
  39. Anonymous Member

    There is nothing inaccurate about his approach. Jan Eastgate is facing charges for for coaching a mother and daughter in covering up child rape. Call it what you want but in the US statutory rape is a wide range of things. But again, so what, do you think this asshole is going to check it out? Anyone who does check it out and sees the news stories on it will gear that the minor was molested, raped or what ever. They are not going to be outraged that they were tricked in to looking in to it and found it was just a molestation. Sometimes I wish you armchair protestors would get a life.
  40. ^^^^^^^LOL, literally^^^^^^^

    How dare you make sport of David Miscavige, the self-anointed one and highly religious ecclesiastical leader of the fastest growing religion on the planet with your shortsighted mimicking!!!

    At this point I must hold my hand out at waist level and proclaim: &quot; I've had it up to here with this SParrow character&quot;.
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