Westboro Baptist Church to protest Newtown funerals; Anonymous declares war

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by moarxenu, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    Never defend, always attack; and disconnection:

    Ex-church member: They brainwashed me

    Published by CNN on Mar 4, 2013

    CNN's Piers Morgan talks to a former member of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church about her experiences there.
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  2. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    ...and yet, it'd still be LULZ inducing to get the WBC and Scientology to have a huge fight against each other.

    Granted, I've said it before and know it has been an exercise in futility, but still... It's one of my happy thoughts.
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  3. DeathHamster Member

    It'd be nice, but I just don't see what they'd fight about.
  4. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    That is the paradox. I think the WBC inbreds have said something about Scientology, but I guess Scientology ignored it or never found out about it.

    The only way I could see it happening, and bear in mind the odds are low or unclear right now, is if WBC did a protest over a high ranking Sci officer's death. While I would never endorse or want that kind of misfortune, I am sure that if, say Tom Cruise or DM, "dropped their shells" or whatever horse shit they call "kicking the bucket", and there was massive media shit storm over it: The WBC might, and I emphasis might, do something stupid and bring down the OSA fire since the WBC is drawn to the media like flies to shit.

    However: The odds that the WBC and Sci would progress a battle are somewhere in the neighborhood of 0 and None. They'd have to do something stupid, and I mean "Prepare your anus because you are going to prison" stupid in order to get any kind of reaction from the Scientology community.

    TL;DR: Odds are low or non-existant that a battle will transpire between WBC and Scientology. Both know that the other has the media's attention and if they act on the other, it won't go unnoticed.
  5. DeathHamster Member

    The media focus would be like a giant magnifying glass on a sunny day. It's a pity that it'll never happen. Such a pity.
  6. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Yeah. Not to mention Christmas time for Popcorn manufacturers and La-Z-Boy.

    However, I always believe in the saying "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups". So, you never know. One of them might do something epically stupid and piss off the other side. Hilarity will ensue.
  7. Anonymous Member

    On Discovery shows about dinosaurs and other animated beasts, big ugly predators will throw themselves at each other whenever they get wind of the opponent. That's not how real life works. Big, dangerous animals have far to little to win and far to much to lose by fighting it out every time they meet. The animal default behaviour is simply to ignore each other. Unless one is a a bg fat easy kill or they are fighting over the same limited resource, a Mexican standoff is the best a wildlife photographer can hope for.

    Both CoS and WBC have been around too long not to have picked up this point of survival basics. They do not fight for the same resources, and while CoS is certainly dying, there's nothing in the eventual carcass the WBC has any use for. The two are going to avoid each other at all cost.
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  8. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator


    I think though that if the WBC had some sense, when Scientology falls there maybe a chance for them to pick up on a few loose members. However, your analogy is correct and TBH the WBC has never been interested in expanding its numbers. All they have been interested in is their Trolling/message.
  9. The Wrong Guy Member

    Founder of Westboro Baptist Church is 'on the edge of death' claims his estranged son
    • Fred Phelps, the founder of the Westboro Baptist church, is on his deathbed in Kansas
    • His son, Nate Phelps updated his Facebook profile on Sunday morning with the news
    • Phelps Sr. is an ordained minister who started the Westboro Baptist Church in 1955
    • Infamous for their picketing of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans returning from their service with 'God Hates Fags' banners
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  10. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Could never have happened too soon.
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  11. DeathHamster Member

    So... Is anyone going to his funeral?
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  12. Anonylemmi Member

    A couple thousand Patriot Guard Riders with engines revving would be appropriate.
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  13. God bless him all the way to gay heaven. Free gay porn every hour and abundant gay sex.
  14. Twinkle Member

  15. Anonylemmi Member

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  16. muldrake Member

    What a tragedy. I mean the edge part. Isn't there someone there to give him a shove?
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  17. [IMG]
    May the cocks be with him, only cocks, forevermore in gay heaven
  18. RavenEyes Member

    Don't lower yourselves to WBC's level. It doesn't become any of you. :)
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  19. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    He will rot in hell.
    Surprise! God is love!
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  20. RavenEyes Member

    He'll be allowed to come back to give his family a final sermon. "You know all that hate I was spewing all those years? Nevermind."
  21. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Rot in hell both of you.
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  22. RavenEyes Member

    This is the first I'd hard that the patriarch had been excommunicated. If true, it comes around the time Megan and her sister left the church.
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  23. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  24. Anonylemmi Member

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  25. vaLLarrr Member

    Anonymous would do well to use the demise of this cult as leverage against the one run by Miscavige.
  26. Anonylemmi Member

    This cult is just a tiny, noisy, headline grubbing aberration.
    DM's cult is...
    Oh wait.
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  27. RavenEyes Member

    This isn't a cult. It's one family.
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  28. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Scientology: A big boil on the ass of Life.

    Westboro Baptist Trolls Church: The slime on the germ cells on the anus of Life.

    Obliterating the WBC is pointless and needless as all they are is ego and attention whores that troll in order to get some fucknut to do something retarded in order to $ue for ca$h. Destroying them is so fucking easy and involves the following steps:

    1) Ignore them. NO EXCEPTION. No excuses.
    2) Repeat step 1 until they Darwin themselves out of existence.
    3) Use whatever energy/resources/attention/cake that you'd use on the WBC on a much bigger target: DM and Scientology.

    Bottom line: Rule #14 works and helps starve the WBC of much needed nutrients (attention).
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  29. Anonymous Member

    They're a special bunch aren't they? What are your thoughts about them?

    I personally don't care for them.
  30. RightOn Member

    ignore them and they will go away.
    They thrive on publicity and try to get people to harm them so they can sue them.
    If people would ignore them, it would be their demise.
    This subject has also been discussed to death and it's old.
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  31. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Dear Richard Jones:

    There have been numerous threads about this topic. My advice is to use the search function and find a thread about it.

    However, to reiterate: WBC are nothing more than RL trolls looking to sue anybody into the aether if they do something violent/criminal against them. Deal with them the same way you do any troll: Ignore them.

    No Ifs, Ands or Monkey Nuts. Ignore them.

    Any attention only fuels their stupidity and campaign. Ignore them.

    I cannot emphasize it enough: Ignore them.
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  32. Over the past few years, several church members have left (the church was composed almost entirely of family members) and the leader Fred Phelps died.
    The church will slowly dissolve and crumble, as it should. It was a Church in name only, as is the "Church of Scientology."
  33. meep meep Member

    In the past The WBC wrote manifestos against themselves and claimed it was from Anonymous. They've been hacked by Topiery no less. We've had our fun. Others play with them too- search Pink Mass
  34. 135

    Thank you for sharing!
  35. Anonymous Member

    Not to come off offensive. I'm not against God or religion.

    As much as many people are against WBC. Why not just burn their church to the ground? I'm surprised no one has attempted it yet nor succeeded.

    I know that church would just use the court money to rebuild it. But if it happens several times or multiple times. Maybe they might start keeping a lower profile and quit harassing people. After all protesting against a religion is pointless. You have to get down right dirty. what I do know from reading into history.

    Most often members at a church or different religion quit pulling crap when you do torch their place of worship or any temples for that matter. Worked wonders with Pagans over in Europe. Religious groups won't attempt anything if it means destroying the house of their deity.
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  36. DeathHamster Member

    This is Why We Protest, where we talk about legal means of protest.

    You want Why We Burn Shit and get Tossed into Prison, HaHa.

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  37. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Arson is illegal and no one wants to risk burning someone alive. Have you ever seen someone suffer from burning? I thought not.
    It's horrible and you are inhuman to suggest it. IMHO.
    In a choice between Gandhi and the early Christian's approach to the Romans, or the Crusades and the Spanish Inqisision the -first choices had long term success.

    This is not the first time you have been told we support only peaceful and legal actions.

    Oh dear. Lrn to history.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    I get what you mean.I know Arson is illegal, you don't have to be condescending. But I'm sure you've all heard the phrase that its only illegal until you get caught. Some times peaceful and legal actions go no where. What is wrong with putting your foot down and proving a point even if there is a law against it ? I believe in fighting in something I believe and defending what I believe. Not hiding behind some written law.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Peaceful and legal actions?

    Didn't a few Anon's get arrested for Hacking certain networks just to prove a point?
  40. Didn't your mom do your dad for a few bucks?

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