What people are saying about Scientology on YouTube

Discussion in 'Media' started by The Wrong Guy, Aug 8, 2012.

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    Cringeworthy Scientology Music | Chris Shelton

    Over the years, the Church of Scientology has produced many music videos and songs to inspire, electrify and fleece Scientologists out of their hard-earned money. This video from 2011 has never been leaked before and so as a holiday treat, here it is.
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  8. A popular vlogger, with over 300, 000 subscribers, describes how scientologytried to recruit her in NYC.

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    Andy Richter Wants The Royal Wedding In Los Angeles | CONAN on TBS

    Why get married in a British castle when we have one of the most beautiful churches in the world right here in Hollywood?
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    Looks like another school project presentation, still relying too much on the CoS version of history but at least mentions Leah Remini's show.
  12. An entertaining speaker, Rasih bensan, recounting his scientology recruiting experience in the 1980's as a Toastmaster's speech.

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  13. Please fix above link

  14. She posted a recording of someone threatening her children and threatening to "put a blade in" her.
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    Benedict Cumberbatch's stunt double compares Scientology to JW:
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  20. Interview with the chiropractor and ex-homo novis, Dr. Peter Lazarnick and his wife Abbey.
    Originally posted on Youtube 2 years ago, but I didn't find this posted on WWP.

  21. For 12 years, Margie was a model Scientologist. She was a teacher, recruiter and third in command for a period of time at Harry Palmer's Center for Creative Learning in Elmira, formerly the Elmira Mission of the Church of Scientology.

    In this interview Margie discusses her story, including:

    - Why she got into Scientology.
    - What it was like being a staff member.
    - Her relationship with Harry and Avra.
    - The transition from Scientology and Avatar.
    - What really happened in Elmira; and,
    - Her process in "waking up" and leaving.

  22. Podcast: The Cult of Scientology. (From a Christian perspective.) Both the host, Cindy Hartline, and the author being interviewed, David Fiorazo, were greatly influenced by Scientology and the Aftermath. Both mention Leah Remini and Mike Rinder. Fiorazo mentions and gives the url of Mike's website.

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    An overexcited Leah Remini fan
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  28. Today in San Diego.
    Live streamed a few hours ago.

  29. More from a different camera
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    Someone's not happy East Grinstead Scientologists were taking down licence plate numbers on private property. Skip to 2:40 or click this handy link
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    She literally ran away from her interviewer for a job at Scientology's bookstore.
    Skip to 2 minutes in or click this handy link
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    This episode of Conspiracy aired in July 2015, four months after Going Clear, but mentions "a two-part biopic of Hubbard" HBO had planned which Scientology shut down, and almost 2 years after Leah Remini first spoke out against Scientology, but includes footage of her praising LRH.
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    We now return to Sharrell's World for another review of an episode of Scientology and the Aftermath:
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    Phil Lord, legal scholar at the McGill University Faculty of Law, answers the question "Why Are Smart People Fascinated by Scientology?"
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    A comparison of Scientology with the TV show The Arrangement - skip to 5:00 or click this handy link to avoid show spoilers.

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