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Discussion in 'Projects' started by WagTheWog, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. WagTheWog Member


    Now that >5,000 signatures has been achieved, it's time for a press release.

    I suggest the following before turning it over to the hive:

    - Get Graham Berry's help on the structure and wording of the release.
    - Include some snippets that relate WHY the petition came about (i.e abuses).
    - May want to include links (e.g. S.P. Times stories).
    - Might want to mention the efforts by Xenophon as a parallel.
    - Include questioning of Sci's tax exempt status in the US and elsewhere.
    - Remember that the release can serve to educate reporters (maybe to get them digging too), and of course readers, at the same time that it brings attention to the petition.

    Go... go... go...!

    We Are Legion.
    Expect Us.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Don't know that we need his help though it's welcome, plus , we already have something from him that's a good enough place to start. Posting the petition text here for ready reference.

    we petition the obama administration to:


    WHEREAS, the FBI has 300+ recent complaints of Scientology crimes and atrocities - human trafficking, forced abortions and civil rights violations, and the IRS has evidence of private inurement violations justifying INTERMEDIATE SANCTIONS, and existing evidence on hand meets RICO statutes, WE REQUEST that the White House investigate and employ a Special Prosecutor to:

    EXAMINE why, with such an abundance of RICO evidence of Scientology being a corrupt and criminal entity, no law enforcement agency has moved forward;

    INVESTIGATE undue favor and pressure brought by lawyers for Scientology leader David Miscavige to stop the investigations;

    EXAMINE why around the world the “church” is investigated as a criminal entity while the U.S. Government does nothing?
  3. Anonymous Member


    October 21, 2011


    A public comment by the Obama Administration into an abandoned FBI investigation into more than 300 recent complaints of Scientology crimes and atrocities - human trafficking, forced abortions and numerous civil rights violations is now expected by victims of these abuses, former Scientologists and thousands of others who signed a petition at

    OK. Shitty start is shitty. MAKE IT BETTER.
  4. WagTheWog Member

    Graham is on this!
    Read his post in the Petition Thread, HERE »
    Do what you can to help him.

  5. Enturbulette Member

  6. Snag Member

    You have my full support. Seriously, if you need an audiofag, mediafag, something along those lines I'm more then willing to throw my hat in.
    The audio and video for

    was done entirely by yours truly (that sick piano was written by a friend).
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  7. Anonymous Member

  8. optuul Member

    my rather wordy response to this call for input: chop up, discard, or add to as necessary :)

    Critics of the Church of Scientology scored a major win this week, securing the 5,000+ signatures required to successfully petition the Obama Administration for an official response to their concerns. Petitioners are calling for an official government inquiry into the alleged crimes perpetuated by the Church of Scientology (C.O.S.), including a re-examination of its tax-exempt status.

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  9. WagTheWog Member

    I think that is a FANTASTIC start.
    My suggestions:
    - include mention of Xenophon and one of his quotes.
    - Include background links at the bottom of the press release as well (links to consider are below).
    - Include the Press Package (my guess is it needs some updating too) along with the press release (this has nothing to do with writing the PR of course, it's just a thought).

    Links . . .

    Scarlett Hanna, DAUGHTER of Australia's head of scientology
    talks about growing-up in Scientology on Lateline (air date: 5-18-10)

    Jenna Miscavige, NIECE of scientology's current leader, David Miscavige, along with several others who grew-up in the cult, launched a web site: There is a great deal of information and personal stories there.

    L. Ron Hubbard's SON, L. Ron Hubbard Junior, speaks out

    The story of Quentin Hubbard (L. Ron Hubbard's SON)

    Recently released:
    Former scientology member, Hollywood Film Director Paul Haggis, calls scientology a cult and more...

    Former Scientology member, Janette Lang,
    tells of forced abortions policy:

    No Kids Allowed + The Truth Rundown:

    Lisa McPherson's story

    The cult's "Operation Snow White"

    The cult's "Operation Freakout"

    Scientology's "Fair Game" Policy

    "Stories From the Inside"

    Jessie Prince's Story

    1800+ former members who have publicly spoken out
    with links to their personal stories: have_spoken_out

    Books by former members 7641

    Time Magazine's story, "The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power",9171,972865,00.html?intern alid=ACA

    Watch this for just a tiny bit of info on scientology's punishment called the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF for short):

    Many videos of former members recounting their own personal stories of being in the RPF: rpf&aq=f

    scientology also has a policy of disconnection: Disconnection &aq=f

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  10. optuul Member

    thanks for the input! ooookay, here's take 2. now i'm handing it off to the next interested party..... :)

    Critics of the actions of the Church of Scientology scored a major win this week, securing the 5,000+ signatures required to successfully petition the Obama Administration for an official response ...

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  11. optuul Member

    I received some helpful input on the draft provided earlier today. I have tried to make some changes, particularly to the first paragraph, in order to more closely adhere to the the actual language & intent of the petition (i.e., focus on fed gov't response rather than C.O.S. itself). The first two paragraphs are probably sufficient by themselves. (All that follows just provides more background, etc....and gave me more room to rant. :) ).

    Critics of the Church of Scientology scored a major win this week, securing the 5,000+ signatures required to successfully petition the Obama Administration to directly respond to their concerns. Petitioners are calling for an official government inquiry into the failure of federal law enforcement to pursue investigations of alleged criminal activities perpetrated by the Church of Scientology (C.O.S.). The petition makes reference to evidence already in possession of the FBI and IRS with regard to civil rights violations and fraudulent activities. These allegations, if substantiated, would prohibit the classification of the C.O.S. as a non-profit organization and provide criminal and civil cause of action against its high-level executives.

    The petition calls for the White House to investigate and employ a Special Prosecutor to examine why federal law enforcement has failed to continue with an investigation of alleged crimes and atrocities perpetuated by the Church of Scientology (C.O.S.), including human trafficking, forced abortions and civil rights violations. An ever-increasing number of such allegations have been levied against the former members and former top executive leaders who have left the organization. Civil lawsuits brought by former Org members against the C.O.S. are ongoing, and large awards have been levied against the C.O.S. in the past, including a jury award of 30 million (later reduced to 2.5 million) to former Org member Lawrence Wollersheim, who claimed to have been held against his will and deprived of sleep and food. Petitioners claim that existing evidence already on hand of such crimes meets federal RICO statutes, substantiating claims of racketeering and corruption at the highest levels of the C.O.S.. In addition, the petition makes reference to undue favor and influence exerted by lawyers of top church official, David Miscavige.

    The Church of Scientology’s actions have led to it being denied tax-exempt status as a religion in a number of countries, including France, Germany and Belgium. In these countries, C.O.S. is regarded as a cult or sect and is subject to restrictions on their operations. Petitioners in the U.S. argue that the C.O.S. should be accorded similar status in this country. Senator Nick Xenophon of Australia has been spear-heading a similar campaign in that country, calling for a Senate inquiry into the tax status of the C.O.S.. “What we are seeing,” argued Senator Xenophon in a speech to Parliament, “is a worldwide pattern of abuse and criminality. On the body of evidence this is not happening by accident; it is happening by design. Scientology is not a religious organization. It is a criminal organization that hides behind its so-called religious beliefs. What you believe does not mean you are not accountable for how you behave.”

    While the public outcry over the practices of the Church of Scientology has gained momentum in the last few years (aided in part by internet-based communities, media coverage, and increasingly vocal previous members), the C.O.S. is no stranger to controversy. Its leadership has been the focus of a number of high-profile lawsuits since the 1970s, including the prosecution of eleven of its high-ranking officials in 1979 for having conducted the largest then-known program of domestic espionage in our nation’s history. Over the following decades, church officials have been found guilty of numerous crimes including infiltration and theft of government documents, execution of smear campaigns and baseless lawsuits, the framing of private citizens, forging of documents, and violation of civil rights.

    Activists involved in the protest against the C.O.S., including the grassroots collective known as “anonymous,” argue that the time has come for the U.S. government to address this long history of criminal behavior and bring a stop to the Church’s abuse of its members. Indeed, arguments advanced by the U.S. Attorney’s office three decades ago are the same echoed by activists and protesters today: “That these defendants now attempt to hide behind the sacred principles of freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the right to privacy – which principles they repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to violate with impunity – adds insult to the injuries which they have inflicted on every element of society.” (U.S. vs. Kember and Budlong, Sentencing Memorandum)

    Having garnered the 5,000 signatures required by the White House, the current petition pertaining to the government’s role in the investigation and prosecution of C.O.S. is now to be reviewed by policy experts in the Obama Administration. An official response is expected to be issued following this review. Supporters of the petition continue to encourage the public to voice their support. The petition shall remain open for additional signatures until October 24th and can be found at the White House website, or directly at:
    Those interested in additional information are urged to visit one of the numerous websites dedicated to investigating and questioning the practices of the Church of Scientology. Many sites include personal accounts of individuals whose lives have been damaged by these abuses.
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  12. optuul Member

    p.s. okay, so NOW i will shut up. :)
    take it away, guys & gals.....
  13. WagTheWog Member

    Damn! You can write!
    My only suggestion is to include the name of what you reference here:
    ...including the prosecution of eleven of its high-ranking officials in 1979 for having conducted the largest then-known program of domestic espionage in our nation’s history, well known today as "Operation Snow White."

    I know there will be other suggestions.... and I know Graham will have input, but this is a damn fine job Optuul. Damn fine!

    Also -- good removing all the links, but I still suggest including an updated version of the press pack when the time comes to send this out.

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  14. optuul Member

    aw, thank you, wag :) ;)
  15. The Wrong Guy Member

    In the second paragraph, since so many won't know what it means, the phrases "lawsuits brought by former Org members" and "former Org member" should use a word other than Org.
  16. The Wrong Guy Member

    Also in the second paragraph, "30 million (later reduced to 2.5 million)" could be changed to "30 million dollars (later reduced to 2.5 million)" or "$30 million US (later reduced to 2.5 million)".
  17. The Wrong Guy Member

    "C.O.S. is regarded as a cult or sect and is subject to restrictions on their operations" could be "C.O.S. is regarded as a cult or sect and is therefore subject to restrictions on its operations".
  18. Snag Member

    IDK about C.O.S, maybe just call 'em "the church". After the initial identity is set, "the church" could become a sufficient pronoun.

    Also, it might spark interest from other religious people who don't know about the COS.
    Just my 2cents.
  19. leafs Member

    very nice text, a few suggestions and ideas, none of them too important:

    In Germany, AFAIK, CoS pays no taxes due to a double taxation treaty with the US. I also think the restrictions are basically just the law.

    How about this:

    "former members of the organization" or just "former members"?

    In case these allegations were in fact confirmed by court, how about this instead:

    Use as you see fit.
  20. TinyDancer Member

    This is not right. He's only calling for the Church to be held accountable to the laws of Australia, to ensure that the Church does not get tax concessions and for the government to be proactive to watch the Church and other cults. He does not challenge the legal decision that scientology is a religion.

    Love your work!
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  21. optuul Member

    love all of these suggestions, definite improvements. thank u!

    (wag/anon: is someone taking the reigns on this from here?)
  22. Anonymous Member

    My two cents (and you know what that will give you), is that, depending on what your intentions for the release are, you need to remove what coulD be called the "ego" from your release. For example, first line, "scored a major win." ....well, not so much. How about "... were successful in achieving the 5000 threshold established. . ." It may not be as sexy as "scored a major win," but will be more likely to garner a look-see from traditional media outlets, or whoever else you intend to send your package to. Careful of superlatives, I guess is all I'm saying, or you look like an amateur.
  23. WMAnon Member

    It's still really, really long. I'd pull out the paragraph on Anonymous entirely.
  24. optuul Member

    yep, i see what you're saying.

    just want to clear up any confusion .... i have no idea who/where the package is intended to be sent. i was just replying to the request to help put something together. was expecting someone who was in touch with Graham to take over & make it appropriate for the intended targets, send it out, etc.. (i'm happy to help, but am coming at this out of nowhere. probably not the best person.)

    can someone w/some experience either take it from here or message me some input? ty!
  25. Anonymous Member

    It is just as important to let everyone know the names went over 5,000 as it was to get the names on the petition in the first place.
    All the places you pooned, should be pooned with an update of it reaching 5,000 and it continues to grow and a "don't stop now" announcement?
    The more coverage this gets the more people will be waiting for a proper response from the governent, and this means worlwide.

    And if the response from the government is totally lack luster, or if they do an investigation and it was done in an unacceptable manner (not listening to exs stories and not delving in far in enough) , then the general public worldwide will hopefully be annoyed and will push it further and ask WHY. Which will hopefully bring a whole clusterfuck of media coverage. (well except for FOX that is)
  26. Snag Member

    FOX is know to attack any beliefs against their "ideal christian nation", but for some reason they don't duke it out with the COS. Wonder why that is........

    And yes, i think this press release should separate itself from Anonymous.
  27. WagTheWog Member

    So, it should come from Graham then? We can still help him write it.
  28. optuul Member

    perhaps b/c COS has one of their own in there: Gretta Van Sustern
  29. Mark Cabian Member

  30. Anonymous Member

    optuul joined WWP yesterday.

  31. optuul Member

    whom is to be vigilant? i'm not being held suspect, am i?
    i assure you, gretta & i aren't pals. ;) muah!
  32. Anonymous Member

    [QUOTE.and for that we need to know of the details of all the other petitions (where, when, numbers, hyperlinks). For example, there has been the Obama Briefing Book ranking of 2008, the Australian petition, the British petition, the Curt West petition.[/QUOTE]
  33. WagTheWog Member

    Bumping . . . for Graham . . .
  34. Snag Member

    Has this been released yet? I'd love to see this out already!
    And why is this thread so dead? Makes no sense! Uh!
  35. optuul Member

    Graham may want to wait till after close of the petition?
    waiting to see....
  36. optuul Member

    but agreed!!

    bump bump
  37. WagTheWog Member

    I think it'll be important for Graham to look it over too, since he started the petition, not to mention that the guy is an attorney ;)
  38. optuul Member

    not seeing any action here, so i plan to clean up the press release later this afternoon.
    shorten it, make it more reporter-friendly, cut out bias-speak, etc..
    post it as soon as i have a chance to get it done.

    will be released from anonymous, with "suggested contact for inquiries regarding the petition" directed toward Graham.
    unless anyone has a better idea.
    hit me.
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  39. WagTheWog Member


    I suggest leaving your long version as is, just to let Graham have as many ideas as possible (and so you don't have more work on your end), though removing any "bias-speak" as you say is a good idea I think.

    Anyone able to contact Graham on this?

  40. Anonymous Member

    urrrgggghhhhh! teh green hurtz ma eyez, please no moar

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