Why Scientology is not imploding

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by anon8109, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. anon8109 Member

    I have seen many people write "Scientology is imploding" to describe how the cult is changing.

    • Ortega writes: If you watch Mike Rinder’s blog carefully, you can see Scientology imploding on almost a daily basis.
    • has an article titled:Read This: an epic expose on Scientology's implosion and fundraising chicanery
    Not to mention the countless times people say this in comments here on WWP and on other critical sites.

    I don't think the word "imploding" is the best word for describing what's happening. I think it confuses people who are not cult watchers and gives them the wrong impression.

    An implosion is the destruction of an object when its material is violently squeezed together. For example some stars implode to become neutron stars or black holes, or for another more mundane example an old fashioned incandescent light bulb implodes when it's broken. Wikipedia gives 3 more examples.


    What could the word mean in the context of the cult? If we think of the members as being what the cult is made of, an implosion would mean that somehow the homo novis are suddenly and violently squeezed together so tightly that the structure of the cult collapses and the cult is destroyed. I don't think that's an accurate picture of what's happening. Although you might argue that something like that is happening in that the people who remain are hardcore members and closely-knit, nonetheless that's not something happening violently or that would cause the sudden demise of the cult.

    I think that a much more accurate and helpful way to describe what is happening is to say that the cult is evaporating. Evaporation is the slow and gradual loss of material from an object due to tiny parts of it escaping from the main body. Evaporation eventually results in the destruction of the object if it continues unabated for long enough. For example liquids evaporate, but if you follow astronomy you also know that black holes evaporate, which I think is a superb analogy.


    I hope you agree that "Scientology is evaporating" is a pretty accurate description of what is now happening to the cult, and I think it even has a nice ring to it since it also describes the cult's loss not only of members but also of power and clout.
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  2. RightOn Member

    I prefer assploding
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  3. "Scientology is imploding" also describes shrinking
    - ability to harrass people
    - power to use lawsuits as intended by Hubtard
    - overall PR effect (the term "Scientology" has a negative connotation).

    Since this happened due to pressure from outside, "implosion" is correct imho.
  4. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Hm. Imploding implies collapse within, which might be suitable in some cases of collapse, due to the 'heaviness' of their massive management structure literally crushing the systems below, or some such, I tend to lean towards either 'rotting-to-dust', dissipating, or crumbling.
    Hey, the walls have been falling down for a while now, Hubbard's little house of cards ain't UV protected, and the lights shone through their windows and the cracks in their armour, the streaks in the mud of the gilded fish-bowls, certainly has a cleansing effect~ kind of like sunlight on a coven of vampires thingy.
    Cult is, and has been, pretty resilient at its fundamental core, ol' fuckwad Hubbard was always on the defensive in his protection of his scam, and as people get further and further into his insane rabbit-hole, they tend to create (and re-crreate) the core (think ewwww, like a giant boil), and they do have massive resources in reserve to maintain the important parts of the infrastructure, like Flag, Stupid-Powaz building, Celeb Center, and other points of successful griftin'&connin'. CoS cult will keep truckin' until the last man is down.
    I guess, in a perfect world, everyone would get their money back, DM would be forced to sell off all the assets, and the con could simply fade away, one can only wish/hope.
    Vile abstract creation of a madman, no better than some sort of flesh-eating disease, only of the mind, requires repeated rinsing with sunlight and detergent, and a healthy doses of inoculation stratagies, which is why, in my humble opinion, that those dedicated to the demise of said 'creation' must remain vigilant in their endeavours, it simply isn't going to vanish, it isn't going to 'implode' into nothingness, or for that matter just fade away. It is the nature of the beast.

    Just blabbering on a bright sun-shiney day :) YMMV.

  5. chachacha Member

    I couldn't despise Scientology any more than I do but in the anon black and white - all or nothing battle - there was a complete turn against anything related to Scientology ie holistic medicine. Sad.

    Science is run by money, money dictates what is studied and published. It's all corrupt.

    then there is Hubbards son.
  6. chachacha Member

  7. anon8109 Member

    Scientists stake their reputations and careers on their results. These results can be tested at any time to see whether they were fabricated.

    Practitioners of woo don't subject their theories to any tests. They offer some anecdotal evidence, and then sometimes not even that much, just lots of promises.
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  8. I dunno, how can you doubt his statement with all these wealthy scientists running around.
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  9. wolfbane Member

    Good thread!

    While the number of public members are definitely evaporating, other factors show strong evidence that the vast money reserves at the top are not hurting in the least. Money is their ultimate strength and power base. Money also enables them spew their unprecedented expansion fallacies to those trapped in the bubble who see no reason to doubt it.

    I see all the claims of Scientology imploding, dieing and their ultimate demise being imminent as being the same sort of overblown fallacy as the claims of expansion: bullshit histrionics. While such claims help to wake up frustrated public members to the reality they're trapped in, when carried beyond the realm of former members speaking out it can become toxic.

    If Scientology was imploding, we would be seeing more properties sold than purchased.

    If Scientology was collapsing, the million dollar dream team on the Rathbun case wouldn't be getting paid.

    If Scientology's demise was imminent expenditures like the Debbie Cook settlement, former Int base SO getting paid to keep their mouth shut when they route out and the counter campaign to Going Clear would have never been possible.

    And the ultimate sign of fatal shrinkage - the cult's buses at Flag and AOLA would be damn near empty.

    Yeah sure, most of the Class V orgs and missions are showing signs of being in dire straights. But they still flow money to the top. When we see the same signs of duress at the advanced orgs and the major tentacles of the moneymaking beast going dark, we should start assessing whether or not the cash reserves are running dry.

    How will we know the cash reserves are running dry? Disconnection and SP declares will be something they can't afford to do for fear of loosing paying customers. Price slashing and deep discounts will be applied to the entire bridge and promoted just as often as Ideal Orgs and IAS events. Amnesty programs will become fashionable again and come with free perks. Buildings that do not generate revenue will be put up for sale. And the Freewinds will be scrapped for a more cost efficient vessel.

    Until we see some of those signs of the cash reserves running dry, talk of imploding beyond the realm of former members speaking out and trying to get others out is useless faggotry. It makes critics look just as stupid as culties. It also turns a valid cause for activism into a do-nothing spectator sport of lulzcows who sing kumbaya as they dilute the pool of hard work to expose the truth with piss and vinegar.

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  10. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Well, if they weren't convinced before, doubtless that will bring them around.


    Re: "imploding"... yeah, I'll go with "evaporating" as a better analogy. Good nerdraeg call, OP.
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  11. Random guy Member

    Indeed. Imploding indicate some sort of catastrophic event. Unfortunately, the cult seems it will go out with a protracted whimper rather than anything "bang"-like.
  12. Scientology is definitely not imploding anymore...................or less.
  13. chachacha Member

    Aren't you paying attention? It isn't imploding, it's "evaporating"
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  14. I hear Scientology's not evaporating anymore............or less.

    Steady assplosions are forecast......
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  15. John Duff Member

    Scientology is a leaking bathtub (it's leaking people).

    Some people come, more people go.
    Soon it'll be dry. The only thing that will remain of it are the plumber bills (lawsuits etc) and a moist floor.
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  16. Downstat RPFer David Miscavige will be the only one left to clean that moist floor with a toothbrush.......
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  17. RightOn Member

    And THAT Sir makes me moist! :cool:
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  18. RolandRB Member

    It's kind of imploding. You have the whales, the well-known family scilons and the ordinary scilons. The ordinary scilons have all been tapped out and screwed. They have lost their money and are in huge debt with their accommodation being paid for them by the ordinary taxpayers. This keeps them as core scilon staffers because at their age and with their work history, they are not fit to even flip burgers or collect garbage. they are destroyed people who are desperate to keep their dignity and hang onto their hope so they have no choice but to continue to be scilons. The well-known family scilons will continue to swan around being put in charge of things. Nobody is going to try to tap them out. The whales, though they donate the bulk of the money these days, have never given more than 5% of their wealth at the outset and after the initial donations, only donate what they have in excess. The whales can afford to continualy donate at that rate and they will, because it means nothing to them and they wil get showered by gold admiration particles by the other thetans. So the implosion has been the ordinary scilons going broke and put in debt and losing so much, they have compacted into a scilon black hole from which they can never emerge. But that phase is over now. The famous scilon families are unaffected. The whales will only die off slowly if they give in to the pressure to donate money to keep the Orgs alive for taxes, maintenance and utility bills. But I think they have that covered. So only the core ordinary members have collapsed and sort of imploded but the rest of the show will continue indefinitely.
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  19. And you have all this insider information about the whales' donations how? Because you're their accountant? Or better yet, you're the cult's CFO?

    Unfortunately, the think that the cult is imploding, evaporating, going away, etc., is mostly wishful head-in-the-sand think. IMHO, Wolfbane has had the most logical statement so far ITT - when that actually does start happening, we'll see a lot more obvious signs.

    In fact, if you haven't already, go check out It has so much worldwide news about cult crap that it looks like a scilon site. But you can tell by the comments that it's not.

    I think it's like the cigarette companies. After the US passed laws to crank up taxes on smoking and even ban it in the workplace, restaurants, etc., the companies adjusted by marketing to other countries. Yeah, maybe business went down a little in the US but the hardcore smokers are never going to give it up, just like the hardcore culties. Meanwhile smoking is booming everywhere else. Ever see how they smoke like chimneys in Asia? Well it's pretty interesting that the seccheck site shows a lot of cult news is from China, Russia and a lot of other third world countries.

    Even the statistical leaks on Rinder's site shows that Flag is not imploding. Is it booming? Thankfully, it doesn't look like - at least according to what Rinder is posting. But almost everything is at least even and there are several areas are showing growth. That means if they were making something like $2-2.5 million a week before, they could be somewhere in the neighborhood of $3 million or more a week now. And they've put up more buildings, are having events at the Ft. Harrison Hotel with US congressmen, the mayor, blah blah blah.

    We can dream all we want and we can keep trying to stem the cancer as much as possible. But tobacco companies aren't going anywhere anytime soon. And as much as it sucks, neither is the cult.
  20. John Duff Member

    Investing in poor countries is not beneficial in the long term.
    They may be a century late compared to us, but it's only a matter of time before they become like nowadays richer countries.
    Tobacco industry is failing in the developped world.

    The city of Vatican is filled with gold, but christianity has never been as weak as it is now (it's still strong though, mostly in poor countries).

    Lawsuits, disturbing documentaries, huge communities of exes, etc. Scientology is wounded, and it's getting worse.
    Like an old star which is about to implode, Scientology is trying to take as much space as possible (and that will only accelerate it's fate).

    Evangelizing in the 3rd world may be beneficial in the short term, but soon or later, they will have to deal with the same problem as they are facing now in developped countries.
    And by the time, these poor countries will use what happened in rich countries as a precedent. Scientology will not last as long as it did in rich countries.

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  21. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Not an apt comparison.
  22. xander meehan Member

    Well stated, yet it isn't suppose to be this way. As some one raised in the Church,, which I still identify with, I will always have the highest hopes that we will return to a search for scientific truth rather than everything being based upon money. Well stated
  23. xander meehan Member

    Well stated as well.
  24. xander meehan Member

    Much of what you say I seriously agree with. So here is my question to you. Inconsideration of your foregoing post, what do you personally believe would facilitate the quick demise of the Scienos.... I have my ideas... but I seriously would like to here your ideas. I seriously liked your post. You are definitely paying attention. Yet, I would like to hear some of your best ideas of how to beat them. Try it this way in answering this question. I would like all of you to do the same on this thread.

    If Anony had an unlimited budget, and WWP had an unlimited Budget, how would you fight then? Seriously, forget about the lack of money in this exercise, if you had the money what would you spend the money on. I would like to hear every persons ideas. All of you here are smart people. What would your general plans be? Please seriously answer.
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  25. xander meehan Member

    Very well stated.... based upon your analysis, I think you actually do get it. So my question to you is this, and it is a very pointed question, that is based on your analysis, which I feel is spot on. If you had resources, and you were given the task to go operational, what would your plan of attack be. I am being very serious. I am asking you honestly, if you had resources what would you do?
  26. xander meehan Member

  27. xander meehan Member

    can you identify which congressman for me. I am being very serious. Please dig up any names that you can. Please post back here or email me or message me.
  28. anon8109 Member

    First you'd have to find a way to make sure the cult couldn't successfully attack these resources through lawsuits, as happened with the Cult Awareness Network and the LMT.
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  29. Not sure what you are responding to, but there is a Scientology-friendly congressman who needs to wake up and get educated and publicly distance himself from CoS.

    Xavier Becerra Democrat 34th District-California
    350 S. Bixel St. #120
    Los Angeles, CA 90017

    Leader of the Democratic Party Caucus, Becerra polls 80% approval in a largely Latino district of LA, a district with many CoS real estate investments and human trafficking operations.

    His district includes the Hubbard College of Administration where one of his assistants Norma Dominguez greeted the opening day ceremony with the Congressman's Proclamation declaring undying love for the ideals of L. Ron Hubbard. Scientology is attempting to block and suppress the video, but it has been preserved by the HEROIC and CASH STARVED AngryGayPope who deserves major props and respect for his actions.
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  30. Regarding Xavier Becerra:

    Being in a largely Catholic 34th Congressional district, Congressman Becerra may find the abortion question a difficult political issue, since his caucus is Pro-Choice.

    He may find that VOCAL opposition to Scientology's FORCED and COERCED abortions and family disconnection (happening WITHIN his district boundaries) would be just the ground he can stand on to please his overwhelmingly Pro-Life Catholic voters, who have probably hassled him on the problem in the past.

    The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has an excellent website detailing the massive quantity of Catholic institutions that represent major political muscle in his district.

    Disappointing Catholic voters by his support of the Family-hostile Church of Scientology would be a bad long term move for a long term Washington insider with a poor education about TAX-EXEMPT, human traffickers that he is on record celebrating and welcoming to his district.
  31. It is crumbling into itself:

    Real footage of Ron's death:
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  32. xander meehan Member

    I wanted to say something else here that is very important, at least to me... I was raised in the Christian Church.... not the Scieno Scientolo Non Church... I have more reason than any of you to hate these frackers, more than any one here. I remember when Lisa's older brother committed suicide, when her father died. I watched her mother Fannie, fight these pricks all the way up to the very end of her life, with her last breath. If you put a pic of Fannie next to my mother... you would swear they were sisters, period. When I was a little boy I would hold her (Lisa) in my arms. That is how long I knew them. The McPherson's were extremely close to my Grandparents dating prior to my own birth. For me this has always been extremely serious. Most especially because I was never a Scieno. No one on my side of the family ever was. Yet we were attacked anyway.
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  33. xander meehan Member

    Thanks very much... you are absolutely a very cool person... now I will work my end of things...
  34. xander meehan Member

    Please tell agp to make sure he guards that video with his life...
  35. furball Member

    Whether it Implodes, evaporates, disintegrates or fades away like a bad dream, it is the same sinking ship.

    Relax and enjoy the ride. The future for $ci is not going to be pretty.
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  36. Relax? Check out this list:

    - What if a California city gave Jim Jones an award for his work with the People's Temple?

    1. How much opposition/education has been put in front of the groups responsible for these awards?
    2. How many letters of protest have been sent?
    3. How many awards have been retracted?
    4. How many elected officials have been humiliated during an election season and forced to explain their vote?

    I know of NO FOCUSED EFFORT to work this list:

    "From the Scientology site"
    And while it would be impossible to list the thousands of recognitions Mr. Hubbard has received for his humanitarian works—now employed by over 1,800 government agencies—following is but an abridged selection of those recognitions, proclamations and awards:
    Mexicali Police Cap — Mexicali Police Chief: In honor of Mr. Hubbard’s discoveries in the fields of drug rehabilitation and criminal reform, the Police Chief of Mexicali conferred upon L. Ron Hubbard the title of Honorary Chief of Police.
    International Civil Golden Award — Civil Forum Nepal: Awarded to L. Ron Hubbard for “his outstanding contribution to the people of Nepal in the fields of Education, Drug Rehabilitation and for the Spiritual Healing Technology of Dianetics.”
    Human Rights and Peace Award — Universal Peace Federation: Presented to Mr. Hubbard for his work as a “great humanitarian and peace builder.”
    Lifetime Achievement Award — Boy Scouts of America: Presented to L. Ron Hubbard “for his humanitarian work for the betterment of Mankind.”
    Blackfoot War Bonnet — Blackfoot Society: Bestowed upon L. Ron Hubbard in recognition of his lifesaving techniques for drug rehabilitation and education.
    Official Recognition — Social Rehabilitation Center for Young Children of Transbaikalia-Nadezhda, Russia: Presented “in appreciation to L. Ron Hubbard—the philosopher, scientist and humanitarian, who gave an inestimable contribution in improvement to Mankind.”
    Fellow — International Oceanographic Foundation: Awarded for Mr. Hubbard’s contribution to the advancement and extension of knowledge and discovery in oceanography and the marine sciences.
    Gift to Mankind Award — Educators of Valencia, Venezuela: Acknowledging Mr. Hubbard for his Study Technology.
    Certificate of Appreciation — Ministry of Education of Venezuela: Presented in recognition of Mr. Hubbard’s teaching technology.
    Certificate of Acknowledgment — Ministry of Justice of Venezuela: In appreciation for Mr. Hubbard’s developments in the field of communication, used in Venezuelan juvenile justice programs.
    Silver Cup — Council of the Region of Marche, Italy: Awarded in recognition of L. Ron Hubbard as an educator and philosopher.
    World Peace Day Award — City of Sacramento, California: In recognition of L. Ron Hubbard as the Founder of Dianetics and Scientology with the vision of a world without war and crime.
    Certificate of Commendation — City of Washington, DC: In acknowledgment of L. Ron Hubbard for the precept, “Safeguard and Improve Your Environment,” from The Way to Happiness.
    Pioneer Environmentalist Award — Earth Society Foundation, New York, New York: Presented with appreciation to L. Ron Hubbard, “Pioneer Environmentalist” for his contribution to a better place to live.
    Recognition — Commission of Education, Legislative Assembly of Mexico City: In recognition of L. Ron Hubbard for his technology of study.
    Senatorial Recognition — Rome, Italy: In recognition of the profound human values of L. Ron Hubbard’s works.
    Official Recognition — Secretary of State for Education, The Gambia: Acknowledging the gifts of Mr. Hubbard’s technology on behalf of the peoples of The Gambia.
    Commemorative Postage Stamps — Postal Service, Switzerland: Four postage stamps were dedicated to L. Ron Hubbard by the Swiss Post Office for his many humanitarian works.
    Certificate of RecognitionNational Polytechnic Institute of Mexico: In acknowledgment for L. Ron Hubbard’s development of a technology for study.
    AcknowledgmentForeign Relations Department, Nepal: In recognition to L. Ron Hubbard for his development of a philosophy and technology for study.
    House Resolution — Speaker of the Puerto Rico House of Representatives: A resolution was presented to L. Ron Hubbard for his humanitarian works in the fields of detoxification and criminal reform.
    CitationCommonwealth of Pennsylvania House of Representatives: Presented in recognition of L. Ron Hubbard’s lifetime of achievement and as a Freedom Fighter.
    Academic DiplomaWorld Academy for Science, Fine Arts and Culture, Saint Petersburg, Russia:Presented for Mr. Hubbard’s contribution as a writer and a scientist, who made fundamental discoveries in the field of the human mind.
    Official RecognitionDetective Chief Superintendent Ret. Scotland Yard: Presented to L. Ron Hubbard for his humanitarian legacy.
    Eagle Claw and Tail Feather RecognitionSamson Cree Nation: Bestowed upon L. Ron Hubbard by the Chief of the Samson Cree Nation. Presented as the highest honor given by the Cree as the Eagle flies closest to the Creator.
    Freedom StatueProbation Officers of South Africa: Dedicated to L. Ron Hubbard in recognition of his developments in the field of criminal reform.
    ResolutionSenate of Puerto Rico: For L. Ron Hubbard’s contribution to Mankind, proclaiming that his humanitarian and philosophic ideas are a motivation and example for future generations. It was passed unanimously by the 29 members of the Puerto Rican Senate and signed by the President of the Senate.
    Keys to Cities
    Shreveport, Louisiana
    Kansas City, Missouri
    Miami Beach, Florida
    Amarillo, Texas
    Concord, California
    Durham, North Carolina Hidalgo State, Mexico
    Lafayette, Louisiana
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    New Orleans, Louisiana
    Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico
    Katmandu, Nepal

    Honorary Citizen
    Galveston, Texas
    Santa Fe, New Mexico
    Gretna, Louisiana
    New Orleans, Louisiana Riverside, California
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Ketchikan, Alaska

    L. Ron Hubbard Street/Way
    Wichita, Kansas
    Elizabeth, New Jersey Los Angeles, California

    L. Ron Hubbard Day
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    Reno, Nevada
    Providence, Rhode Island
    Mesquite, Texas
    Birmingham, Alabama
    Oakland, California
    Louisville, Kentucky
    Helena, Montana
    Little Rock, Arkansas
    Atlanta, Georgia
    Wichita, Kansas
    Jacksonville, Florida
    Chicago, Illinois
    Columbus, Ohio
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Covington, Kentucky
    Baltimore, Maryland
    Grand Prairie, Texas
    Austin, Texas
    Compton, California
    Des Moines, Iowa
    Detroit, Michigan
    New Orleans, Louisiana
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Topeka, Kansas
    Yonkers, New York
    Mobile, Alabama
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Bridgeport, Connecticut
    Raleigh, North Carolina
    Redding, Pennsylvania
    Roanoke, Virginia
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Williamsburg, Virginia Tucson, Arizona
    Camden, New Jersey
    Hartford, Connecticut
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Schenectady, New York
    Huntington Beach, California
    Fort Myers, Florida
    San Jose, California
    Carson City, Nevada
    Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
    Memphis, Tennessee
    Battle Creek, Michigan
    Newport News, Virginia
    New Albany, Indiana
    Gainesville, Florida
    Omaha, Nebraska
    Lafayette, Louisiana
    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    Port Angeles, Washington
    West Haven, Connecticut
    Portsmouth, New Hampshire
    Houston, Texas
    Orlando, Florida
    Wilmington, Delaware
    Brunswick, Georgia
    Cranston, Rhode Island
    Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
    Jackson, Mississippi
    Syracuse, New York
    Scranton, Pennsylvania
    Richmond, Virginia
    Newark, New York
    Fresno, California

    L. Ron Hubbard Month
    State of Ohio
    Kansas City, Kansas
    Dodge City, Kansas
    East St. Louis, Illinois
  37. Yes, that's East St. Louis. Right next to Ferguson, Mo.
  38. furball Member

    You're kinda preaching to the choir right now. ;)

    Stay calm and focus your energies on the target.
  39. Ok, I'm calm. Then how about this one? There's evidence connecting 34th District Congressman Xavier Becerra to a Scientology. He gave a glowing speech in Congress about L. Ron Hubbard's philosophy and educational efforts. Becerra leads the Dem Caucus in Congress and has a district that is 80% Latino. Just an award?

    The advocacy group League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) joins hands with CCHR in a coalition to defeat an important Texas Mental Health Bill (tonyortega, Rolling Stones).

    Maybe asking LULAC to explain Becerra's speech in Congress would be a good first step in retracting THAT proclamation.
  40. BLR Member

    I am a humanities teacher and we recently watched Going Clear. We are discussing scientology and how scientologists view life and death. We checked out A New Slant On Life and a cartoon for this website fell out of the book. We are having a hard time pinpointing what/why scientologists actually believe what they believe. Everything is incredibly unclear. Does anyone have any information that could be more clear?

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