Women only buses a sad necessity

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by White Tara, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. White Tara Global Moderator

    While I applaud all initiatives designed to reduce the incidence of sexual assault, I am saddened its even necessary. Sick world we live in.

    NEPAL has introduced women-only minibuses in an attempt bid to protect female passengers from sexual assault.
    Four 17-seater minibuses were flagged off in Kathmandu with large “women-only” signs and they will operate on key routes in Kathmandu during morning and evening rush hour,
    the transport operator organising the service said.
    “Groping and sexual assault is a problem for women who use buses, especially during peak hours when buses are overcrowded,” said Bharat Nepal, president of the Bagmati Federation Transport Union, which introduced the service.

    more at link;
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  2. CarterUSP Member

    This is some messed up stuff.
    I hate this planet sometimes.
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  3. Hugh Bris Member

    Good for the women for doing something to handle the situation. They live in a culture where this sort of casual nastiness is the norm. Withdrawing herself from that culture is a good first step to changing that culture. These women are telling the men "This is what happens when you act in an uncivilized manner."

    Maybe the men will learn, or maybe the women will get a lot more buses, only time will tell.
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  4. Hugh Bris Member

    also seems the problem is more widespread than just Nepal
    Culture is the biggest cult.
  5. Old_Coder Member

    Humans can be some sick sick f##ks!

    I found myself single again in my 40's and I was shocked at what went on even here in our country. I used a dating site and you would have the face to face at a neutral location (starbucks) so you could do a final "crazy" check before going out on an actual date. I totally got that, but it was interesting to see how many women would have a back-up spotter just in case. I remember one lady and I really hit it off and without thinking, I suggested driving over to a near by restaurant for dinner. She said yes and we hopped in my car. Now all I am thinking about is some version of the "everything is awesome" song in my head. The she says "really to herself"; I can't believe I just got into a car with someone I just met. It was her tone more than anything that threw me and for one second I was thinking, "You believe I would harm you", but immediately I realized that while all I was thinking was how fantastic my day was heading, she was having to consider the possibility of being sexually assaulted or worse. That is when I really began to understand just how different an experience first dates are for women.

    I was to slowly begin to find out that it was right for women to be cautious. You would think that an adult male at or near middle age would have evolved some sophistication but no. Three female friends of mine were to at varying times, have guys send them pictures of their junk after the first date. On what planet has that move ever worked? That was your best opening move? What was your expectations when you sent it? How did this become something even close to a good idea in your mind?

    As it turns out, computer nerds were now more in demand! We are generally safe, and regularly employed.

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  6. White Tara Global Moderator

    Hooray for regular guys with reasonable attitudes still existing :)
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  7. White Tara Global Moderator

    Sadly I foresee more buses, with all the steps they are taking these attitudes persist and worsen everywhere it seems.
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  8. meep meep Member

    One would think that women would become more valuable as the numbers of women dropped due to gender selective abortions. But no.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    <------wants off this planet. What is wrong with people?
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  10. As a woman I applaud you.

    Some of the earliest and most persistent grafitti on this planet is men inappropriately sending pics of their junk to repulsed women.

    Nerds are hot. That awkward autie girl standing next to you tongue-tied with delight may be just the partner for all night sci-fi and gaming binges...:p
  11. And there is the danger of falling into a segragationist new normal where it is expected women take the other buses or else no one is accountable for what will happen.

    I think men need to be held to account. Perhaps there should be time for a slut shaming/ eve teasing op. Women should not be responsible for socialized lack of boundaries in male behavior.
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  12. Random guy Member

    Have to agree with Dongcopter here. Segregation is an early step down a long and dark road.
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  13. Social Media Lysistrata.

    Show me your inappropriate junk on the internets and you will never get any again unless you are paying a professional...:D
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Damn!!! Elbow off the top rope!!

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