Young girl imprisoned, beaten and abused in Sea Org Headquarter, Dundas, Australia

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    The following is translated from, the front end to one of the largest BBS in Taiwan, where almost all college students are registered. The victim is well known to the Church of Scientology and her brother made public the incident with real names. The Australian Federal Police, Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and local hospitals have plenty of records. Australian media is aware. The OP sanitized the names.


    This happened to my colleague. One day he disappeared after work. I asked around and heard that he went to work in Australia. This is common so I didn't ask. Until a few days ago he came back and turned up at a company event. I didn't chat with him much because I thought that he completed his task in Australia and resumed his duties.

    This is what he posted on the community page of the company on Facebook, and asked us to tell as many people as possible. Please consider very carefully in joining any religious groups.

    Victim's brother Jake:

    I am beginning my military service. There is something that I want to be honest with you. Also, please help! As a matter of fact, I don't have direct connections to the xx bureau, but I think our bureau has influence in the world.

    I was stunned when xx said that I was gone without saying goodbye. But that is what actually happened. First, I asked for a few days off, and then disappeared. I went to Australia. Doing what? I didn't say clearly and honestly. But in fact, it isn't glorious.

    This is what happened. My sister Alisa joined a religion — Scientology. She went to Australia using religious reasons. Three months later, my sister called home. She told us that she was imprisoned, beaten and abused in a Scientology base. She needed us there to rescue her. Unbelievable! We first thought it was one of the fake kidnapping schemes that cheats ransom money out of us. But it was no doubt my sister. She was sent to a hospital because of serious injuries. The Australian medical system isolated her from Scientologists, so she had the chance to call home for help.

    First, we asked for help from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan. The Ministry staff pointed out that on average, an incident occurs every three months when parents come looking for their children. These children all went to Scientology in Australia, and mostly disappeared.

    Later, I came across anti-Scientology groups. Nearly all of them ex-followers escaped from Scientology. With their help, I went to the unfamiliar Australia with connections. But my sister went to a psychiatric hospital. Although in my opinion, apart from the physical wounds, she has no mental problems. Australia's mental health care system is very strict, not easily allowing patients to be discharged. My sister stayed in the hospital under observation for nearly two months. So I checked into the home of an ex-Scientologist, commuting to visit my sister almost every day. I also listened to an ex-Scientologist, once trapped inside for more than 10 years, for a lot of inhumane treatments inside. During the hospital stay the Australian Federal Police came to take note. I'm back now after two months.

    It seemed very exaggerated, very serious, but this is real, all true. What I ask everyone to help is to talk about it. Let everyone know that "Scientology" is engaged in such things, because Scientology is here in Taiwan. And that is what I introduced to others like a salesman. A friend introduced me, and I introduced Scientology to my sister. My sister went to the headquarter in Dundas, where she was abused. Now I know how terrible Scientology is. In fact, I believe somebody know about the Scientology scandals in the bureau, bro' xx and lil' x ... But no one warned me! Why? Could be because I was in the midst of pleasure!

    Lil' x, please take the trouble to send my message to the priest during worship. Ask him to tell the faithful that they must be especially careful of Scientology, because the surface looks quite gorgeous and beautiful, but in the name of religion, to do good, to help, to learn knowledge, it's actually a money-making fraud, and even engages in human trafficking.

    Strictly speaking this is a private matter, but thank you for help anyway. After my military service I will be back to the bureau, but I may be in Australia for a period of time to sue the Church of Scientology.
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  2. Ron B DED Member

    link please
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  3. RightOn Member

    wow well good luck with your case and I am glad to hear your sister got out.
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  4. Dra Member

    This is why
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  5. sallysock Member

    So sad. He was wise for reaching out to the ex community and good on them for the assistance/compassion/hospitality/support.
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  6. Sonichu Moderator

    I await to see what happens with this story.
  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. incog712 Member

    There was a thread regarding this story here about a year or so ago, posted at the time that this girl had first been rescued away from the cult and hospitalized/placed under police protection. I can't find that thread using the search functions. At the time there were suggestions that this story be harpooned to the Taiwanese media but those involved cited privacy concerns which did make sense at the time considering the immediacy of the situtation. I can't recall any follow up until just now.

    Scientology would be all but dead in Australia by now if it weren't for ANZO's reliance on Taiwanese victims to keep things going. It's good to see that family members are now doing what they can to get this story out within Taiwan. They deserve all of the help that they can get.
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    The original thread was pulled because it had some inaccuracies and it was uncertain at the time if the family had approved releasing the info.

    It's good news that the brother has released this to the Taiwan press and is doing what he can to curtail Scn recruitment in Taiwan. He's a good man. Also glad to hear he is returning to Australia to pursue a lawsuit. We look forward to seeing him again soon. :)
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  10. I hope we are able to hear updates.
  11. Gottabrain Member

    Believe me, you will, when the time is right. :)
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  12. Any chance of anti-sci materials in Chinese? I work in an area that might benefit from such postings.:)
  13. Anonymous Member


    Did I understand correctly that every 3 months or so parents living in Taiwan go searching for missing children who were entrapped by the Scientology corporation in Australia?

    This is an outrage.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    DO EET

  15. Gottabrain Member

    Every Embassy has, as one of its duties, assisting with locating persons reported missing internationally by families. There has been no "official" report by the Taiwan embassy on this.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Pressure on Taiwan to release scientology connected crime figures must be placed.

    Contact Taiwanese friend I will. Taiwan is Miscavige's Achilles Heel.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Good. Where to poon?
  18. Anti-sci pdfs in chinese (or any other asian language) please!
  19. Anonymous Member

    Technically it was March 31, 2012, at least at the west coast.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Google 重新認識山達基 for an ex-Scientologist blog
    Google 山達基教會沒落史 for an anonymous blog
    Of course search for 山達基 in Chinese Wikipedia

    Every department has to answer your question in about 7 days, if you submit your ID card number. Websites are bilingual.
  21. Anonymous Member

    運作中的希坦一至八級(Operating Thetan I - VIII)的完全經文,可以在維基泄密(找到,但網址暫時在改建中。在此之前 ,詳細的摘要在菲什曼的誓章中(The Fishman Affidavit),也是法庭紀錄,是山達基首席律師確認是真正的。

    菲什曼的誓章後來被法庭封鎖了,但荷蘭作家 Karin Spaink 貼在她的網址,經過多年官司,荷蘭法庭判她勝訴。美國法庭判定這些經文不算是商業秘密,但受到版權保護,所 以公平引用的摘要是絕對合法的。

    山達基教會警告,若不跟從正當步驟讀經文,會染肺炎而死。但這樣死的從沒有聽聞,本人可以作活 生生的例證。

    但山達基人偷看經文是重罪,你們是過不了測謊機的(E-meter),看過了必然斷送了你們的自由之路。事實上,偷看過了而不爆的(blow=離教),教會不會放 過你這個金蛋。

    這個摘要,是根據菲什曼誓章,Stacy Brooks 的透視,和 Maria Pia Gardini 誓章,加上「Mrs Smith」的翻譯,但非山達基人看到了全文也完全不知道是什麼回事,沒頭沒腦的,其他人的解說也不完整, 因為有些概念很難簡短形容,山達基詞彙不可以用普通詞彙解釋,而且有些人完成了某OT級後,也不知道它是什 麼,教會說通過了便通過了。

    這些經文可能有多個版本,教會也有新舊之分。經文是教會最高機密,是不能離開課室的,個人的回憶不盡相同。 可以帶走的資料也不能給任何人看到。所以外人不可以確認那是正確版本。菲什曼的版本是最早公開的,與後期的 不甚相同,他也不是深資山達基人,只是從別人手中得到經文,但只有他的版本被山達基律師確認。

    OT I

    教會說第一步是要以新鮮的觀點看這個物質宇宙和其它眾生。菲什曼說有三個版本,最新的只有一個「看人」的指 令,執行直到有認知(cognition)。瑪麗亞說是那真是胡扯蛋,就是你自己一個人走來走去,去「看到 」一些東西。她走到咖啡店磨時光,回去說有覺新(wins)便完成了。

    OT II

    教會說這級解鎖整個時間軌跡(億兆年的宇宙歷史)中偏差錯亂的因素,這些因素使希坦(精神個體)失去天生的 自由。

    偏差錯亂是因為你的希坦在億兆年的宇宙歷史中曾經被「強制性植入」(implants)。你會拿到一張列出 長長的植入表單,包括電擊植入、言語植入等等。你必須深入時間軌跡,一個個把這些植入處理掉。這是在獨自聽 析中完成,聽析中你必須大聲的跟自己講話。 開始聽析時,你必須在時間軌跡上想到光點的出現,然後從那光點去找植入事件,儀表(E-meter)上的讀數確認事件的發生,然後解讀儀表上的指針動作, 來來回回的以「兩分法」(或分裂 dichotomies)處理植入事件, 磨掉(run)它們。

    OT III 火之牆

    教會說這一級獨自聽析藏著宇宙的秘密,你面對並剷除一直困擾著這個宇宙千萬年的人類心理障礙,一旦完成,被 「時間軌跡壓倒」纏住了的你,可以解放出來。開始這級之前,要簽棄權書,大意是可能發生到你的身體或精神上 的任何事件,山達基組織、其分支機構和成員,一切不負責。

    瑪麗亞是科幻小說迷,早已唸過了,內容跟一本羅恩賀伯特的科幻小說很相似,差點兒拍成好萊塢電影。「銀河系 大魔頭」基努(Xenu),在七億五千萬年前為了解決人口過剩問題,把大量外星人捕捉,掉入地球的火山中, 用原子彈炸得魂魄四散,然後把我們看到的所為現實,花幾星期時間植入這些東西的腦子,之後這些支離破碎的破 希坦(Body Thetan,簡稱 BT)便吸附在人類的肉身上面。誰人若是覺察到「現實」只是灌輸,是會觸發自動毀滅程式,只有羅恩賀伯特發 明的技術,可以打破了這個程式。

    聽析時,你必須跟你身上的破希坦講話,你想著不同的地方,儀表的指針讀數會告訴你破希坦是否在那兒,然後要 它們離開你的身體,再找不到破希坦便通過這級。

    OT IV


    這級要處理「破希坦團塊」( Body Thetan Clusters)。你現在要處理整個時間軌跡裡的藥物,還有你身上破希坦所服的藥物,這些破希坦在你做完 OTIII之後還沒走光,因為他們有嗑過藥。

    OT V


    原來一切也是破希坦,你的思維、愛、腳趾、鞋、月亮。這些破希坦跟團塊是沉睡型的,你必須把它們喚醒,然後 賦予它們身分地位,這樣它們就會走開了。

    OTV 是這樣做的,聽析員的指令:「觀看你的身體(不是用肉眼),找出破團塊。」當聽析員在電儀表上讀到指數時他 又問:「在哪裡?」你回答:「在膝蓋上。」然後,你必須用心電感應式的交流與那隻破希坦溝通,無聲問它說: 「你是什麼東西?」破希坦可能回答你說:「香蕉。」於是你告訴聽析員「香蕉」。

    有時候答案可能是「一張紙」之類的其他答案,反正你想到什麼就說什麼。聽析員得到答案後又說:「好,告訴它 『你就是香蕉。』」也就是說,香蕉就是它的身分。於是你告訴破希坦它是一根香蕉,在這時它應該就會走開了, 或是它想繼續留在那裡。 如果它在你問「你是什麼東西?」時沒有離開的話,你就問「你是誰?」然後你向破希坦收集了一大串名字:那破 倫,凱薩大帝,約翰屈伏塔……你一一告訴聽析員,他告訴你哪個名字有讀數,那就是破希坦的身分,得到示意後 的破希坦就會離開,打走所有破希坦便完成OTV

    OT VI


    這一級又是破希坦跟破團塊!而且跟OTV的指令一樣,就是那兩項「你是什麼」還有「你是誰」,但是自己親自 來做聽析的。

    OT VII


    這個等級的正果(the end phenomenon) : 各式各樣的破希坦都不存在,沒有昏睡型的、沒有嗑藥的……什麼都沒有,其中一項是壓抑類型的破希坦(sup pressive BTs)

    打走破希坦的方法跟OTVVI是一樣的,不相同的只是一手握雙鑵,破希坦走了儀表指針會浮的。你身體上的 破希坦若是全走了,你的身體在你看來是半透明的。

    有時候,你會遇到破希坦從你身上飄到大門旁邊,你必須想像出一把剪刀,剪掉他與你身體之間的連線。有時候, 你會有層層重疊的破希坦,所以呢,你必須想像出一雙手來把他們揮掉。

    這時你知道,整個宇宙也是破希坦,山達基目的是使整個宇宙消失,一個人怎樣努力也打不走所有破希坦,所以要 地球所有人幫忙。因此阻礙山達基 的人必然要用任何手段消除,因為整個宇宙受到威脅,全地球,所有人億萬年的命運,決定於你現時在這兒做什麼 。因此為甚麼羅恩賀伯特建立了監護人辦事處,把所有政府及敵對的社會轉為完全遵守山達基的規則

    很多人獨自在房間內打破希坦,每日數小時,有十五年之久。這些人被剝奪了所有自己的感覺, 他們已經失去了責任感事實上,失去所有與自己情緒的接觸,自己的想法,連自己的希望和願望。它們已成為沉 溺於不負責任,生活於幻想世界的人。他們真正相 信一個怪誕的未來,其最終目標是山達基世界,這個世界上,每個不同意山達基的人將會靜靜地、沒有悲傷地被除 去。

    OT VIII 真相大白


    OTVIII有數個版本,菲什曼的被稱為「耶穌愛好男孩和男生」版,山達基律師初時指出這文件是侵權,即是 真正的,但後來改口說這是假的。

    其它的版本與瑪麗亞口述的類似,裡面指出:「你編做了(mocked up)你自己的反應式心靈,你編做了你自己的破希坦,你編做了你自己的前生。」裡面包括羅恩賀伯特的斷言( affirmation):「現在知道過去的我不是我,有興趣找尋真的我是誰。」

    基本上,OTVIII 是要你照著 「人類歷史 (History of Man)這本書裡的題目做聽析,一直從進化軌跡回到蛤蜊(clams)時代,因為人類是由蛤蜊進化成的。你 必須要在時間軌跡裡一路做,回到蛤蜊時代為止,斷定過失行為(overt),然後找出破希坦。

    你要用心電感應方式與破希坦溝通,找出它的過失、寫下來、然後用電儀表問破希坦:「這是你做的嗎?」「這是 我做的嗎?」如果有讀到指數,你就示意那是誰的過失,使指針浮動,就這樣繼續做……結果你會幫時間軌跡裡的 所有破希坦們清掉所有的過失。這就是所謂的真相大白。

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  22. jensting Member

    I clicked "like" but, once more, that just does not go far enough!
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  23. Internetzin Member

    Blind Fing fury now! I have the absolute shits with the Australian Government dragging it's feet not wanting to rock the boat with the scilons. I have heard no followup down under , in what is clearly kidnapping and abuse, and god knows what else under Australian Law. This case needs to be highlighted in Australian media as soon as possible. It seems national embarrassment, and public outrage are the only things that motivate the Australian Government to act.
  24. Internetzin Member

    Less rage now, the story indeed seems to be brewing, and seems to have hit the radar of Senator Xenophon, the only Australian Polly with any character and backbone. IMO the media will run with this, particularly with general public awareness of the cult riding at an all time high, the public outrage will follow.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    I want names. Which scientologists beat this girl?

    Whatever it takes to bring this cult down, I'm with it.
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  26. Thanks!

    PS: I'm in the states, but work around a sizeable asian population who might benefit from a few poons. What languages do I need to print these?
  27. Anonymous Member

    The "language" is Chinese traditional. If you see this, your OS already have multi-language support. Printing should be transparent if you have installed Chinese support pack at the OS level. Usually the coding is UTF-8.
  28. Thanks. I don't have chinese installed. I will remedy that. :)
  29. DeathHamster Member

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  30. jensting Member

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  31. Random guy Member

    It's days like this I wish I knew Mandarin. It is obviously quite a bit of pooning to be done Taiwan.
  32. anon walker Moderator

    This pissed me off:
    You KNOW there's sufficient evidence. I know it. Everybody but some lazy ass politicians and officials knows it. But look how hard David Love had to work to make the stupid Quebec government actually look at Narconon. Huge task involving several agencies.

    Basically, the job is probably beyond AFP's abilities to investigate. Either that or they're just lazy cops. These organizations, were they approached correctly, would be slam dunks into prison. There is proof of enslavement and abuse. There is evidence that people come from Taiwan, that people from Taiwan are targeted by the cult because these gullible Asians are unsophisticated when it comes to smiley culties offering superpowers at top prices.

    First, the foreign workers from Taiwan and elsewhere should be sent home. Many don't have permits to work and are the source of labor that keeps the cult alive, if not thriving.

    Police need to get warrants and search EVERYTHING. The cult is anal retentive. You look hard enough you'll find the motherlode of dox that prove the cult does indeed traffic in human beings.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Stuart Gibson is listed on the Australian lawyer's website here. I am surprised that Stuart Gibson who founded Gibson's Solicitors in Melbourne, Australia would represent Scientology in the alleged aggravated kidnapping of Alice Wu, who was hospitalized when she attempted to escape from Scientology's paramilitary base in Dundas Australia.

    Apart from representing Scientology regarding the detention of Alice Wu against her will Gibson's Solicitors seems to be quite a reputable firm.

    I suppose when Gibson's Solicitors are not representing celebrities, they are publicly defending clients like Scientology against accusations of aggravated kidnapping.

    Does that strike anyone else here as odd that Stuart Gibson who founded Gibson's Solicitors in Melbourne would defend Scientology and state that the policy of isolation in Scientology's 'Introspection Rundown' does not exist?
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Many lawyers I have encountered are but whores with a degree and license.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Seems to specialise in media-type cases. Libel and so on.

    Which is odd because I wouldn't have thought that abduction or people trafficking - which is what Scientology seems to be accused of here - fell into that category. is tits-up unfortunately works and seems to be the same firm
  36. Anonymous Member

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  37. Anonymous Member

    Not to mention he's not exactly what I'd call well-spoken or well-thought out.
  38. RightOn Member

    Wasn't there a bunch of stuff presented to a group a while back and they weren't interested? Was it Amnesty International? Wonder where that info ended up
  39. Anonymous Member

  40. Horseradish Member

    I'm just trying to imagine Stuart Gibson of Gibson's Solicitors in Melbourne in a natty bouffant wig and a pair of streetwalker heels.

    My shoop skills are not up to this tho'
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